Casio and Polygon Labs Join Forces to Bring Iconic G SHOCK Watch to the Metaverse via NFTs

Casio and Polygon Labs Join Forces to Bring Iconic G-SHOCK Watch to the Metaverse via NFTs

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In a groundbreaking collaboration, Japanese electronics giant Casio is teaming up with Ethereum scaling developer Polygon Labs to embark on a journey into the metaverse. Their mission? To introduce a virtual version of the legendary G-SHOCK watch using Polygon’s cutting-edge technology. This digital transformation kicks off with the launch of a collection of NFT-based community access passes.

Vitual Gshock

NFTs Unlock the Metaverse

Starting September 23, enthusiasts and collectors alike can claim one of the 15,000 NFT-based G-SHOCK creator passes. These passes open the doors to a dedicated Discord channel, where the community will converge to witness the birth of the Virtual G-SHOCK.

Early Access for Casio Customers

Casio customers who have registered for CASIO ID membership on the company’s website are in for a treat. They get the first taste of this digital revolution during the early distribution phase from September 23 to September 26. After that, the doors swing open to the public from September 26 to September 29. The magic happens on Polygon, a scaling network built on Ethereum.


A Visionary Statement

Takahashi Oh, the senior general manager of Casio’s timepiece division, shared his insights on this pioneering move. He stated, “In recent years, with the spread of the decentralized internet known as Web3, demand for experiences in virtual spaces has increased.” Casio recognizes the shifting tides and is determined to explore new horizons.

Expanding G-SHOCK’s Reach

Oh further elaborated, saying, “We have launched this initiative to further expand the G-SHOCK brand by establishing points of contact with previously unreachable segments of the population.” It’s not just about adapting to the changing times; it’s about embracing them.

Trademarks and the Metaverse

Interestingly, this announcement follows Casio’s filing of a trademark application in August 2023 with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This move aims to cover virtual clothing and watches, NFT-backed media, and stores for virtual goods. Casio is laying down its stakes in the metaverse and gearing up for a digital future.

From the ’80s to the Metaverse

Casio’s G-SHOCK watch made its debut in 1983 and has since become an iconic timepiece, with over 100 million units sold worldwide. Now, Casio is determined to make its mark in the metaverse and interactive online realms. Their strategy involves harnessing the power of NFTs and engaging the community in the creation of wearable accessories that complement the G-SHOCK experience.

A Culture of Virtual Timekeeping

Takahashi Oh encapsulated their vision, stating, “The co-creation of the Virtual G-Shock Project aims to increase the presence of the G-Shock brand in the virtual and Web3 worlds, and to foster a culture of wearing watches in the virtual world.” It’s about blending the timeless appeal of G-SHOCK with the limitless possibilities of the metaverse.

He added, “In order to realize this world, we would like to cultivate virtual fans through the co-creation project and increase the number of friends who will work together to create the future that Virtual G-Shock is aiming for.”

In essence, the iconic G-SHOCK watch is set to transcend time and space, becoming a symbol of the metaverse’s future. With NFTs and community collaboration, Casio’s journey into the digital realm promises to redefine how we experience the G-SHOCK legacy.

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