Casa adds Ethereum Support to restore Digital Autonomy

Casa adds Ethereum Support to restore Digital Autonomy

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A popular Bitcoin self-custody firm Casa is adding Ethereum support to its platform with an aim of achieving digital autonomy. Casa intends to help customers own, secure, and manage their assets and investments with ease.

In addition, Casa is going to launch a brand-new app with a redesigned interface in order to provide its users with an improved overall experience. In addition, Casa will be introducing new membership options in conjunction with the launch of its Ethereum storage. Customers now have the ability to store both their bitcoin and Ethereum utilizing the private key management technology offered by Casa.

The goal is to make it easier for members to participate while still providing a variety of membership options, ranging from the basic level appropriate for newcomers to highly customized services for private customers.

Due to the absence of hassle-free solutions for self-custody, users of ETH have had a difficult time for a long time trying to set up their own complicated wallets in order to protect their cash. They will now be able to strengthen the protection of their ETH by employing private keys and benefit from Casa’s better member assistance now that Casa has expanded its services to Ethereum.

After the unfortunate course of events that began with the unexpected collapse of FTX, self-custody of digital assets became more significant than it had ever been before. The establishment of a self-custody wallet has become a workable alternative for users who want to safeguard their digital assets against the risk of theft or other complications resulting from the improper administration of an exchange.

Phantom has just just introduced support for Ethereum and Polygon, broadening the access that users have from simply Solana to all three ecosystems. This was done in order to meet user demand.

“Casa was formed on the concept that everything significant in our digital lives would be secured by private keys,” said Nick Neuman, CEO and co-founder of Casa. “Casa was created on the assumption that everything important in our digital lives will be protected by private keys.” In addition, he said that “Expanding into Ethereum is a significant progression for us, and one that was directed by our members every step of the way.”

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