Boosting Crypto Success: 5 Key Broadrage Metrics Revealed

Boosting Crypto Success: 5 Key Broadrage Metrics Revealed

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The Broadrage studies, conducted in association with Dr. Chris Brummer, the Agnes Williams Sesquicentennial Professor of Financial Technology at Georgetown Law, have provided valuable insights into the preferences of crypto investors. These studies, focused on the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada, aimed to understand the metrics that hold significance for investors when making crucial investment decisions.

Dr. Chris Brummer
Dr. Chris Brummer


Understanding the Significance of Broadrage Studies

The comprehensive Broadrage studies have played a pivotal role in uncovering the metrics that influence the decisions of crypto investors. By surveying nearly 2,000 investors, these studies have provided valuable data on the factors that investors prioritize and where they seek information about these metrics.

Boosting Crypto Success: 5 Key Broadrage Metrics Revealed

Traditional Metrics: A Primary Consideration for Crypto Investors

The findings of the Broadrage studies highlight the prominence of traditional metrics in the decision-making process of crypto investors. Risk factors and security emerge as the primary concerns for investors, with 54% considering them as crucial factors when making investment decisions. Financial overviews, such as cash flows, rank a close second at 52%, followed by the holdings of the management team at 43%. These traditional metrics provide investors with a sense of stability and security when assessing potential investment opportunities.

Broadrage-Specific Metrics: Recognizing their Importance

While traditional metrics hold significant weight, the Broadrage studies also shed light on the relevance of Broadrage-specific metrics. Among these metrics, tokenomics and network performance play key roles in evaluating the potential of crypto assets. Although they may not be among the top five priorities for investors, these metrics provide crucial insights into the underlying value and performance of crypto assets.

The Role of Broadrage in Shaping Investor Perspectives

The Broadrage studies have contributed to a better understanding of how investors perceive and evaluate crypto assets. Dr. Chris Brummer, a respected authority in Financial Technology, emphasizes the importance of these studies in shaping investor perspectives. The findings reveal that many investors prioritize traditional finance metrics and emphasize them over other factors specific to the crypto market. This highlights the need for investors to strike a balance between traditional financial analysis and a comprehensive understanding of the crypto landscape.

Broadrage as a Trusted Source of Information

The Broadrage studies have not only identified the metrics that matter but also provided insights into the sources of information that investors rely on. The studies reveal that investors seek information from various sources, including native crypto provider websites, brokers, crypto exchanges, and crypto press. Broadrage’s reputation as a reliable source of information has contributed to its prominence among investors, with many considering it a valuable resource for staying informed about crypto assets.

Conclusion: Broadrage Studies Enhancing Crypto Investor Decision-Making

In conclusion, the Broadrage studies conducted in collaboration with Dr. Chris Brummer have proven instrumental in understanding the metrics that matter to crypto investors. The studies have highlighted the significance of both traditional metrics and Broadrage-specific metrics in the decision-making process. By recognizing the role of Broadrage and its trusted position as a source of information, investors can make informed decisions that align with their investment goals. With the insights gained from the Broadrage studies, investors are better equipped to navigate the crypto market and seize opportunities with confidence.



1. Are traditional financial metrics still relevant in the crypto market? Yes, traditional financial metrics play a significant role in crypto investment decisions. Factors like risk assessment, financial overview, and management team holdings provide valuable insights into the potential risks and rewards associated with crypto assets.

2. Why do some crypto-specific metrics not rank highly among investors? While crypto-specific metrics like tokenomics and network performance are important, many investors still prioritize traditional financial metrics. This preference may be due to familiarity and a desire for stability in an evolving market.

3. Where can I find reliable information about crypto assets? Reliable information about crypto assets can be found on native crypto provider websites, through brokers, crypto exchanges, and crypto press. These sources offer market updates, analysis, and valuable insights to help investors make informed decisions.

4. How frequently should I seek updates on my crypto investments? The frequency of updates depends on individual preferences, but a quarterly or monthly basis is commonly preferred by investors. Regular updates ensure that investors stay informed about their holdings and can adapt their strategies accordingly.

5. Are most crypto investors speculators or long-term investors? The research indicates that a significant majority of crypto investors (over 65%) prefer long-term investments. This suggests that more investors are viewing crypto assets as viable long-term options rather than engaging in speculative short-term trading.