Brazil's Central Bank Unveils DREX The Central Bank Digital Currency

Brazil’s Central Bank Unveils DREX: The Central Bank Digital Currency

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In a significant move towards modernizing its financial landscape, the Central Bank of Brazil has unveiled the official name and logo of its much-anticipated central bank digital currency (CBDC): DREX.

O projeto de moeda digital de banco central (CBDC), criado e operado pelo Banco Central do Brasil, chama-se Drex.

— Banco Central BR (@BancoCentralBR) August 7, 2023

Brazil's Central Bank
Brazil’s Central Bank

The Unveiling of DREX

The curtain was raised on DREX during a live broadcast on the bank’s YouTube channel. Hosted by Fábio Araújo, the coordinator of the digital real, and Aristides Cavalcante, the deputy head of the Central Bank’s technology and information department, the event marked a pivotal moment in Brazil’s journey towards a digitized financial future.

Innovation Personified

The chosen name, DREX, stands for more than just a digital currency; it encapsulates innovation and progress. Fábio Araújo explained, “DREX combines several elements of innovation: the D for digital, R for real, E for electronic, and X for transaction, taking a step further in this family of Pix that we created and was a success.”

Building on Pix’s Success

Pix, a renowned platform in Brazil, revolutionized electronic fund transfers with its seamless QR code-based system. The success of Pix paved the way for DREX, which seeks to leverage the momentum created by Pix to further elevate the digital financial ecosystem.

Symbolic Logo

DREX’s logo is a visual representation of its transformative journey. The logo features two arrows converging towards the ‘D’, symbolizing the evolution of currency from physical to digital. The color transition from blue to light green signifies the completion of the transition.

Power of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

DREX’s foundation lies in distributed ledger technology (DLT), which underpins its operational efficiency. With DLT at its core, DREX is poised to enable swift operations such as buying and selling public treasury bonds, creating a seamless digital financial experience.

Tokenized Real for Citizens

Authorized entities will mint tokenized reais (CBDC) for the citizens’ use. The advent of DREX is expected to significantly impact the lives of everyday Brazilians, particularly by expanding access to financial services and enhancing financial inclusion.

A Vision for the Future

DREX’s introduction comes at a time when countries around the world are exploring the potential of CBDCs. By embracing cutting-edge technology and innovative design, Brazil’s Central Bank is steering the nation towards a future where digital currencies play a pivotal role in financial transactions and economic growth.


As Brazil introduces DREX, its official central bank digital currency, the nation takes a step forward in embracing the digital transformation of its financial landscape. With its innovative approach, symbolized by the merging arrows of its logo, DREX has the potential to reshape financial interactions and amplify financial accessibility for Brazilians across the board.

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