Brazilian Bank BTG Pactual introduces BTG Dol Stablecoin

Brazilian Bank BTG Pactual introduces BTG Dol Stablecoin

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The first stablecoin, called “BTG Dol,” is unveiled by BTG Pactual, the biggest investment bank in Latin America, and it is pegged to the dollar. The stablecoin is being released by BTG Pactual through Mynt, the Brazilian bank’s own platform for cryptoassets.

BTG Dol “offers its holders the opportunity to ‘dollarize’ part of their equity in a simple, efficient, and secure manner,” the announcement reads.

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BTG Dol is a new tool for investors looking to “dollarize” their portfolios with a safe and liquid option to protect their investments, according to BTG Pactual. Users who are interested may begin.

The BTG Pactual investment platform and the Mynt app both offer BTG Dol for sale. R$100 is the minimum investment amount.

The Brazilian bank continued by saying that it would provide the asset with a complete security framework, including compliance, anti-money laundering, and due diligence protocols.

“We recently launched eight new assets, we already have 22 cryptocurrencies on the platform, and now we have our own stablecoin,” said Marcel Monteiro, Head of Operations at Mynt. This demonstrates that the Bank has faith in technology and will stick to its promise to provide cutting-edge digital goods and services with the reliability and trust that have come to represent BTG.

BTG Pactual’s André Portilho, Head of Digital Assets, continued, “Once again, we are innovating in how we use financial technology for the benefit of our clients. Investors can access a simpler, safer, and more intelligent way to invest in dollars by purchasing BTG Dol.

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