Bitget and Copper Collaborate to Boost Digital Asset Security and Efficiency

Bitget and Copper Collaborate to Boost Digital Asset Security and Efficiency

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Bitget, a well-known cryptocurrency derivative exchange and copy trading platform, has smoothly integrated with Copper’s ClearLoop network. This integration aims to bolster security for digital assets and provide institutional clients with advanced off-exchange settlement options, resulting in enhanced asset security, reduced counterparty risks, and optimized capital usage.

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A Seamless Partnership: Bitget and Copper Unite

Bitget, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency space, has successfully merged with Copper’s ClearLoop network to enhance security for digital assets. This collaboration introduces a new dimension of security measures, catering to the needs of institutional clients.

Revolutionizing Settlement Solutions: Empowering Institutional Clients

The integration between Bitget and Copper’s ClearLoop network is set to revolutionize the way institutional clients engage in trading and settlements. By offering innovative off-exchange settlement solutions, this collaboration strengthens asset security, minimizes counterparty risks, and maximizes the efficiency of capital utilization.

Elevated Asset Security: Copper’s ClearLoop Contribution

A significant outcome of this partnership is the heightened security that institutional clients can enjoy through Copper’s ClearLoop network. This platform enables secure storage of cryptocurrencies within Copper’s MPC (multi-party computation) wallet, forming the basis for seamless trading and settlement across various exchanges integrated through ClearLoop.

Coppers ClearLoop
Coppers ClearLoop

Bitget’s Commitment: Enhancing User Experience

Bitget’s dedication to enhancing user experiences is evident in this collaboration. By integrating with Copper’s ClearLoop network, Bitget continues to prioritize user-centric approaches, offering a versatile and user-friendly trading platform. Through constant innovation, Bitget aims to drive cryptocurrency adoption and offer intelligent trading solutions to its diverse user base.


Empowering the Future: Bitget’s Vision

Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget, expressed the significance of this partnership with Copper. Chen highlighted the growing demand for advanced asset security and efficient trading solutions. She emphasized that institutional clients will reap the benefits of this cutting-edge collaboration, setting new standards for industry practices and reshaping digital asset management and trading.

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Shared Goals: Insights from Copper’s CEO

Dmitry Tokarev, CEO of Copper, shed light on the integration’s importance, stressing the alignment of values and goals between Bitget and Copper. Tokarev emphasized their shared commitment to asset security and industry excellence. Through this collaboration, off-exchange settlement options for institutional clients are strengthened, solidifying Copper’s reputation as a leading provider of secure trading solutions.

A Transformative Collaboration: Shaping the Future

The integration of Bitget with Copper’s ClearLoop network signifies a transformative collaboration that extends the boundaries of traditional practices. By ushering in enhanced digital asset security and trading efficiency, this partnership sets a new standard for the industry. Bitget and Copper are dedicated to shaping a future where secure and efficient trading prevails, benefitting not only their platforms but also the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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