Bitdeer Technologies Expands Crypto Mining Operations in Bhutan, Achieving Remarkable Hash Rate Growth

Bitdeer Technologies Expands Crypto Mining Operations in Bhutan, Achieving Remarkable Hash Rate Growth

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Bitdeer Technologies, the brainchild of prominent cryptocurrency figure Jihan Wu and co-founder of Bitmain, has marked a significant milestone in its expansion efforts. The firm, specializing in bitcoin mining, has successfully completed the construction of a cutting-edge mining facility in Bhutan, showcasing its commitment to advancing the cryptocurrency mining industry.


Strategic Expansion Underway

Bitdeer has orchestrated the construction of a formidable mining facility in Bhutan under the direction of Chief Executive Officer Linghui Kong. With 15,000 new mining machines arriving at the Gedu data center, and an additional 11,000 already operational, the company is primed to scale its operations and increase its hash rate capabilities.

Ensuring Operational Efficiency

Bitdeer’s meticulous power-on testing emphasizes its commitment to operational excellence. The company is diligently working to ensure the stable and efficient functioning of its mining equipment, emphasizing its dedication to maintaining industry-leading standards in the cryptocurrency mining landscape.

Capitalizing on Market Opportunities

The remarkable growth of Bitdeer Technologies is proof of its strategic prowess. The arrival of approximately 23,000 new mining machines in Bhutan has significantly boosted the company’s hash rate, targeting an impressive 2.5 EH/s. This achievement not only solidifies Bitdeer’s position as a key player but also underscores its proactive approach to embracing new technology for enhanced mining capabilities.

Global Adaptability and Innovation

Noteworthy is Bitdeer’s ability to adapt to local conditions and optimize power usage, particularly in its Texas facility, showcasing its dedication to sustainable practices and efficiency. The company’s mining output for July, yielding 220 bitcoins and reflecting a 41% year-on-year increase, serves as a testament to its agility in capitalizing on market dynamics.

Strides in Proprietary Hash Rate

Bitdeer Technologies’ advancement is further illuminated by its proprietary hash rate expansion. Within a mere month, the firm successfully elevated its hash rate from 6.2 EH/s to an impressive 7.9 EH/s. This substantial growth is primarily attributed to the seamless integration of new mining machines within the Bhutan mining site, illustrating the company’s commitment to continuous innovation and advancement.

Synergistic Partnerships and Financial Success

Bitdeer’s collaboration with Druk Holding and Investments (DHI), Bhutan’s state-owned investment company, exemplifies its collaborative spirit. In collaboration, they successfully raised a substantial $500 million for their crypto mining venture, showcasing the firm’s ability to foster meaningful alliances.

Nasdaq Debut and Valuation Milestone

Bitdeer Technologies’ achievements culminated in its successful debut on Nasdaq in April, achieved through a merger with a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). This monumental feat catapulted the company’s valuation to an impressive $1.18 billion, solidifying its status as a driving force in the cryptocurrency mining realm.

As Bitdeer Technologies continues to pioneer innovation, expand its capabilities, and forge meaningful partnerships, its indelible impact on the cryptocurrency mining landscape is undeniable. With its Bhutan mining facility and unwavering dedication to operational excellence, the company stands poised to shape the future of digital currency mining on a global scale.