Bitcoin Ordinals were first introduced by OKX on its Wallet & NFT marketplace

OKX, the second largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, has upgraded its OKX Wallet and OKX Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace to now support ‘Bitcoin Ordinals’, Bitcoin Blockchain based NFTs.

This integration allows users of OKX Wallet to access new upgrade capabilities using BTC taproot addresses on a web browser extension and soon, mobile users will also be able to access these features on the OKX mobile application.

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This news comes after the launch of Bitcoin Punks NFTs on the OKX Marketplace on March 07. Users started buying Ordinals using ETH.
bitcoin ordinal punks nfts grid gID 4

Haider Rafique the Chief Marketing Officer of OKX stated that, “Ordinals is an exciting development in the Bitcoin ecosystem. The OKX Wallet is designed to be the most interoperable and easy to use all-in-one crypto wallet.” Amid describing the upgrade’s features he said, “I hope this integration helps bring more people in to play with this new utility and discover new possibilities on top of Bitcoin.”

Compiled by Coinbold