Binance’s CEO Denies Bloomberg’s Estimated $28B Net Worth

Binance’s CEO Denies Bloomberg’s Estimated $28B Net Worth

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Chengpeng Zhao (CZ), the co-founder of Binance, is known for his lightning-fast responses to both reports and allegations made against him. CZ’s estimated net worth was recently reported by some mainstream media outlets. In response, Zhao tweeted, “I don’t have anywhere near as much” as his alleged net worth, indicating that he disagrees with the figure.


Recently, Bloomberg named Changpeng Zhao among the world’s top three finance billionaires on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index with a net worth of approximately $28.2 billion. 

According to the findings of the study, CZ’s return for the current fiscal year (YTD) is approximately $9.75 billion, representing a gain of 77.5%.

On Thursday, April 27, Zhao took to Twitter to inform his followers about an incorrect assumption regarding his net worth and gave the impression that he was dissatisfied with the data.

According to Zhao, each and every one of the figures pertaining to the net worth is incorrect. He made a point to emphasize the lower number than was reported and said, “Don’t know why they do this.”

CZ makes a reference to the number ‘4’ at the beginning of the tweet, which may imply that he will be ranked fourth among the top five finance billionaires in 2023 or that his net worth will be $4 Billion.

Dan Gilbert, the founder of Rock Ventures and Rocket Mortgage, is currently ranked fourth on this list with a net worth of $19.4 billion. Gilbert is also a co-founder of Rocket Mortgage.

Additionally, Zhao categorically refuted the statement that he regarded the defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX as a competitor. Even so, he stated that “we welcome more exchanges that are well-run in the space.”

Chengpeng Zhao (CZ) has made the assertion on multiple occasions that mainstream media sources, such as Bloomberg and Forbes, frequently provide information that is inaccurate or misleading. In a similar vein, CZ was upset after reading claims made by Forbes at the end of February. The article alleged that Zhao was involved in a “backroom manoeuvre.”

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