Binance & CZ Reply to the SEC Lawsuit with Strong Defense

Binance & CZ Reply to the SEC Lawsuit with Strong Defense

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Binance, the renowned cryptocurrency exchange, has been hit with a lawsuit by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which seeks emergency relief and alleges the exchange violated securities laws. While Binance admits the seriousness of the allegations, it also maintains that there is no reason for an enforcement action, especially on an emergency basis.

Binance states that it has cooperated actively with the SEC’s investigations and worked diligently to address the regulator’s concerns. It is therefore disappointed by the decision to file the lawsuit and is prepared to put up a strong defense against the allegations thus raised.

Our response to the SEC’s complaint.

— Binance (@binance) June 5, 2023

Binance believes that the SEC’s actions may represent an attempt to assert jurisdictional dominance over other regulators instead of prioritizing investor protection. The exchange reiterates that user assets on its platform, including Binance.US, have never been at risk, and it vows to defend against any allegations to the contrary.

Binance is also concerned that the regulatory agency’s actions may undermine America’s standing as a global hub for financial innovation. As the regulation continues to evolve worldwide, Binance argues that a collaborative, transparent, and thoughtful policy engagement is necessary to develop an effective regulatory framework.


Despite the lawsuit, Binance pledges to cooperate with regulators and policymakers worldwide while emphasizing the need for innovation and consumer protection in the cryptocurrency sector. As a non-US exchange, Binance states that the SEC’s actions are limited in reach. Nonetheless, the exchange stands in solidarity with digital asset market participants in the US who oppose what they perceive as the commission’s overreach. Binance is prepared to fight the lawsuit to the fullest extent of the law and pledges to collaborate with industry partners to defend the technology underlying cryptocurrencies.


Our team is all standing by, ensuring systems are stable, including withdrawals, and deposits.

We will issue a response once we see the complaint. Haven’t seen it yet. Media gets the info before we do.


— CZ 🔶 Binance (@cz_binance) June 5, 2023

Binance’s response to the allegations and lawsuit leveled against it underscores the escalating tensions between regulators and the rapidly evolving digital asset industry. The outcome of this legal battle is likely to have implications not only for Binance but also for the regulatory landscape surrounding cryptocurrencies in the US and globally.

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