Beware of Phoney Airdrop: Aptos Foundation Twitter Account Hacked

Beware of Phoney Airdrop: Aptos Foundation Twitter Account Hacked

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In a concerning incident, it appears that the Twitter account belonging to the Aptos Foundation has fallen victim to a hacking attack. The hackers behind the breach have taken advantage of this access to mislead followers with a false airdrop scheme. Users are urged to exercise caution and avoid engaging with the fraudulent claims made by the hackers.

The Phoney Airdrop Announcement

The hackers responsible for the breach tweeted about an airdrop opportunity on the APT network, claiming that participants would be eligible to receive free APT tokens. The tweet further stated that claims worth over $1 million had already been made. This false announcement quickly spread across the platform, causing confusion and concern among followers.

Aptos Labs’ Response

Aptos Labs, the organization behind the Aptos blockchain, promptly addressed the situation. Despite the breach of their Twitter account, they assured users that the Aptos blockchain would continue to function normally until necessary measures were taken to regain control. Aptos Labs emphasized the need for caution and advised users not to take any actions related to the fraudulent airdrop.

Hijacked CEO Account

Adding to the severity of the situation, it appears that the bad actor behind the hack has also compromised the Twitter account of Aptos CEO Mo Shaikh. With access to Shaikh’s account, the hacker is now actively promoting the phoney airdrop to Shaikh’s substantial follower base of 24.5K users. This further contributes to the credibility of the false scheme.

Warning to Users

In response to the incident, Aptos Labs issued a swift warning via Twitter, urging users to avoid clicking on any links leading to a plausible-looking but fraudulent website. The fraudulent site prompts users to click a “claim” button and presents them with a QR code, attempting to deceive them into linking their wallets. Aptos Labs explicitly instructed users not to engage with the misleading tweet or the provided link.

Prevalence of Social Media Account Hacks

This incident is another example of compromised social media accounts being exploited to defraud cryptocurrency holders. Such tactics are commonly employed by malicious actors aiming to steal funds from unsuspecting users. It is currently unclear how many individuals fell victim to the fraudulent airdrop notification.


The hacking of the Aptos Foundation Twitter account and the subsequent false airdrop announcement serve as a reminder of the risks associated with the cryptocurrency space. Users must exercise caution and remain vigilant to protect their digital assets. Aptos Labs continues to work on reclaiming control of their Twitter account and urges followers to disregard the fraudulent claims made by the hackers.


1. What is the Aptos Foundation? The Aptos Foundation is an organization associated with the Aptos blockchain, focusing on the development and promotion of the blockchain network.

2. What was the nature of the hacking incident involving the Aptos Foundation Twitter account? The hackers compromised the Aptos Foundation Twitter account and used it to spread false information about a phoney airdrop, enticing users to participate and potentially fall victim to a scam.

3. How did Aptos Labs respond to the hacking incident? Aptos Labs swiftly issued a warning through their official Twitter account, advising users not to engage with the fraudulent tweet or click on any associated links. They assured users that the Aptos blockchain would continue to operate normally until control over the compromised account was regained.

4. What should users do to protect themselves from similar hacking incidents? Users should exercise caution when interacting with social media accounts related to cryptocurrencies. They should verify the authenticity of announcements and be wary of clicking on suspicious links or providing personal information.

5. How common are social media account hacks in the cryptocurrency space? Hacks of social media accounts, especially those related to cryptocurrencies, are unfortunately prevalent. Malicious actors exploit compromised accounts to deceive users and steal their funds. It is essential for users to stay informed and remain cautious to avoid falling victim to such scams.

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