Balmain and Space Runners Launches Unicorn Sneaker NFTs

Balmain and Space Runners Launches Unicorn Sneaker NFTs

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French luxury fashion house Balmain launches its iconic “Unicorn Sneakers” in its phygital form, in collaboration with digital wearable startup Space Runners. The Unicorn Sneakers are available as NFTs which can be redeemed for the physical version. 

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Balmain and Space Runners collaborated to release 5 new, limited-edition colorways of the Unicorn Sneaker, all of which came with an NFT and cost between $1595 and $2095. A total of 130 Unicorn sneaker NFTs were available for sale.

Users will receive a link to redeem their Unicorn NFT after making a purchase. It offers a variety of features and rarities, including the ability to be worn in the “fashion metaverse” gaming universe created by Space Runners.

Users of Unicorn Sneaker NFT have access to limited-edition physical clothing, digital wearables for video games, and upcoming Balmain releases exclusively. Cryptocurrency can also be used to buy the physical sneaker by interested parties.

Balmain and Space Runners Launches Unicorn Sneaker NFTs

Won Soh, Co-Founder and CEO of Space Runners stated: “We are thrilled Balmain entrusted us to not only do justice to one of fashion’s most identifiable designs, the Unicorn, but also take consumers on a journey inspired by the tremendous legacy of Balmain”

Balmain CMO Txampi Diz added: “There is nothing more iconic than the Unicorn, and there is a link between the sneaker community and the Web3 NFT community. They are very intertwined.”

Diz is right as popular sports apparel brands like Nike and Adidas have already ventured into the Web3 space with their sneakers and NFTs. Adidas is even featured in Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week 2.0 with its Virtual Gear digital fashion collection.

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