Avalanche Arcad3 Powers Up Web2 Gaming Studios, Arming Them to Thrive in Web3

Avalanche Arcad3 Powers Up Web2 Gaming Studios, Arming Them to Thrive in Web3

The program from Ava Labs rolls out the red carpet for the $180B+ Web2 gaming industry, shepherding studios and companies toward powerful blockchain deployments

Ava Labs has launched Avalanche Arcad3, a program helping Web2 gaming leaders launch powerful blockchain deployments with an inaugural cohort headlined by Japanese media powerhouses GREE and Gumi. Arcad3 equips Web2 game companies to navigate Web3 gaming challenges, including on-boarding to blockchain technology, marketing, and tokenomics.

The initiative links Web2 publishers with leading studios, guilds, and other groups building Web3 and an Ava Labs team that has helped build 10+ gaming Subnets, 100+ Web3 games, and the future of on-chain gaming. These publishers have been giants of Web2 gaming for decades, bringing some of the biggest games in the world to market from Final Fantasy to One Punch Man. They have tens of millions of active monthly users today – and are embracing Web3 gaming on Avalanche.

“GREE is always focused on the future of gaming, so we’re excited to be a part of Ava Lab’s Arcad3 program as a way to stay ahead on Web3 gaming and develop relationships with the studios who are experimenting in and building the space,” said Eiji Araki, Board of Director and SVP, Metaverse at GREE.

“We are currently developing Project INCURSION, the GREE Group’s first web3 game. I can’t share any details other than the project code yet, but it will be a breakthrough title that successfully combines our nearly 20 years of mobile game development knowledge with the new essence of web3.  Having an experienced Web3 partner like Ava Labs and a program like Arcad3 where we can collaborate at a level of commitment that we are comfortable with is extremely valuable in order to build a great web3 game experience.”


-Off the Grid by Gunzilla Games

Arcad3 partners gain access to a curated range of Web3 brands, giving them expertise across Web3 gaming topics like NFTs, technical infrastructure, Web3 culture, and innovative blockchain gaming strategies. The program gives partners a unique opportunity to collaborate, learn, and even invest alongside top Web3 game developers without significant short-term commitment.

More specifically, Arcad3 introduces Web2 publishers to Web3 gaming features including:

Game Monetization:

·         In-game advertising and sponsored prize pools

·         Revenue sharing with modders and user-generated content

·         Tradable in-game items (NFTs)

·         Fees from in-game services

Marketing and User Acquisition:

·         On-chain affiliate marketing with eSports teams and influencers

·         Free mint passes for enhanced user engagement

·         Incentivizing content creation through in-game tokens

Risk Management:

·       Trading of tokenized in-game items

·        Compliance with regulations for in-game items

Participating Web3 pioneers include Republic CryptoShrapnelGunz Chain by GunzillaDynasty Studios, DeFi Kingdoms, Blitz by TSM2dao3Avalaunch.

“Shrapnel is focused on building a great game that’s enhanced by Web3 to become something truly special,” said Mark Yeend, co founder and CMO of Shrapnel. “Having Ava Labs and the Arcad3 program is a huge help to us in this journey and having a network of leaders that we can rely on for collaboration is very valuable. We’re looking forward to what comes out of this program in the next few years.”


Ava Labs provides premium technical, business development, and advisory support to members. 

Technical support includes a Slack channel, weekly technical office hours, and consultation on UX for Web3 products. Business development support includes sharing deal flow, as well as sourcing investors for Arcad3 partners and their portfolio companies. Advisory support covers tokenomics design, access to Avalanche ecosystem partners and service providers, and guidance on user acquisition.

Further, Arcad3 participants benefit from a marketing engine offering event activations, paid marketing campaigns, PR, and a team of experts led by Ava Labs’ gaming marketing team. Program partners will receive custom-designed campaigns to expand their audience.

About Avalanche

Avalanche is a smart contracts platform that scales infinitely and regularly finalizes transactions in less than one second. Its novel consensus protocol, Subnet infrastructure, and HyperSDK toolkit enable Web3 developers to easily launch powerful, custom blockchain solutions. Build anything you want, any way you want, on the eco-friendly blockchain designed for Web3 devs.

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