AutoLayer KOL Round

AutoLayer – KOL Round


AutoLayer is a leading multi-chain protocol and a dynamic DeFi hub set to become a key interface in the EigenLayer ecosystem.

Autolayer efficiently manages Liquid Restaked Tokens (LRT), Liquid Staked Tokens, AVSs, operators, and associated incentives. Additionally, it serves as the primary gateway to LRTfi, enabling users to craft strategies for maximizing the potential of LRT/LST Tokens.

Integrations: EigenLayer, Renzo, Kelp,, Chainlink, Uniswap, Camelot, Paraswap, Balancer.


– More than 30K MAU. More than 12k daily transactions. Daily Volume $550.000

– A huge community: 80K Followers on X, 15K Discord users


– All LRT offerings available on Arbitrum integrated already.


Our deal

Final round (only for tier1 KOLs): $0.58; 18 m valuation; 10% unlock at TGE, then monthly over 10 months. 

Estimated TGE: Start of June, around 4th


  • KuCoin
  • Gate
  • MEXC


  • StakedVC
  • Solidity Ventures
  • BlackEdge Capital
  • Clouds Ventures
  • Genesis Block Ventures
  • Spark Digital Capital
  • Paribus Ventures 
  • Prometeus Labs 
  • Kucoin Labs
  • Oddiyana Ventures
  • Halvings Capital
  • Kairon Labs Poolz Ventures
  • DeWhales
  • MorningStar Ventures
  • Metazero
  • IBC (Mario Nawfal)
Support via Telegram (project only accepts tier1 KOLs)