Australia Unveils Draft Bill to Counter Online Misinformation

Australia Unveils Draft Bill to Counter Online Misinformation

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Australia has unveiled a preliminary legislation aimed at combating the spread of false information on the internet. This move could have significant consequences for technology companies and social media platforms.


The draft bill suggests that technology companies might be obliged to establish, implement, and maintain a code of conduct that outlines their strategy for handling misinformation and disinformation.

This code should also detail how these companies will enable Australian users to report instances of harmful misinformation or disinformation.

Under the proposed law, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), the nation’s communications regulator, would have the authority to instruct technology companies such as Google and Facebook to address specific categories of misinformation.

This could involve issuing correction notices or entirely removing content from these platforms.

The main objective of this legislation is to counter the potential harm caused by online disinformation, including threats to public health, safety, and democratic processes. It represents a critical step in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of information disseminated online.

The draft bill has been made available for public consultation, and it is expected that stakeholders and interested parties will provide their feedback and concerns before the bill is finalized and presented to Parliament.

The future implementation of the bill will largely depend on the outcome of this consultation process.

This initiative positions Australia as a global leader in regulating online misinformation, joining a select group of countries that have taken legislative measures to address this growing issue.

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