Asia's Installs of Crypto ATMs are Surpassed by Australia's

Asia’s Installs of Crypto ATMs are Surpassed by Australia’s

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Australia has installed more Bitcoin ATMs than the entire Asia continent, making it the third-largest country with the highest number. Over the last few months, Australia has been overwhelmingly indulging in the process to boost the crypto ATM installation. At the time of writing, Australia has 364 crypto ATMs, while the Asia continent installed 355 crypto ATMs.

The reason behind the less number of crypto ATMs in Asia could be the hostile stance of some Asian countries. During the past eight months, Australia has been continuously installing Bitcoin ATMs, in contrast to the leading European nations and the United States which have reported a decrease in ATM installations during the same period.

Crypto ATM
Crypto ATM

Crypto ATMs are like conventional ATM machines that allow users to conversion of crypto into fiat and vice versa. The Australian Parliament has received a new bill to introduce potent regulation for crypto services and service providers in the country.

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