"Art of This Millennium" is launched by NFT collector Vincent Van Dough.

“Art of This Millennium” is launched by NFT collector Vincent Van Dough.

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We know him for blowing a lot of internet money on NFT pieces like ‘Pepe the Frog’. Vincent Van Dough is a pseudonymous NFT collector. Now, he has announced the representation of 32 artists in a new NFT gallery called ‘Art of This Millennium‘.

Art of This Millennium (AOTM) is a platform that is powered by, which is a platform for minting NFTs that enables Web3 creators to mint their own NFTs while retaining ownership of their creative work, preserving on-chain provenance, and interoperating with all of the most popular NFT marketplaces. AOTM is also known as the Art of This Millennium.

According to Vincent Van Dough (VVD), AOTM is a “global gallery specializing in contemporary digital art, working closely with artists on all aspects of career planning and execution.”

AlphaCentauriKid, Cath Simard, Claire Silver, Dmitri Cherniak, Deekay, Grant Yun, Isaac Wright (DrifterShoots), Other World, and Sam Spratt are among the 32 featured artists.

AOTM will be offering a variety of services including curation, marketing, promotion, sales, and the staging of exhibitions. According to VVD, AOTM’s business model is based on commission, and the company will receive a 15% cut of any sales that it facilitates. This information comes from VVD.

In terms of royalties, VVD stated that 10% of any secondary sales of the artist’s work will be received regardless of “where or how any pieces are sold.”

“We are committed to investing in the proliferation of digital art, with plans to reinvest the majority of proceeds into supporting emerging artists and facilitating in person exhibits and shows.”

The ‘Starry Night Capital’ fund was established by VVD in collaboration with the founders of Three Arrows Capital (3AC), Su Zhu and Kyle Davies, with the intention of making investments in NFTs.

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