Aptos Labs Grants Cornell University Blockchain Lab $50K

Aptos Labs Grants Cornell University Blockchain Lab $50K

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Aptos Labs, the business that developed the Aptos blockchain, has announced that it would provide a grant of $50,000 to Lorenzo Alvisi, a Tisch University Professor of Computer Science in Cornell Bowers CIS, to assist in supporting Web3 innovation in higher education.

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Through the construction of an abstraction of a secure, fault-tolerant, decentralized append-only log on top of a Byzantine-tolerant database, the grant of fifty thousand dollars will fund student research toward the development of a unique technique for increasing the performance of blockchains.

This innovative client-centric architecture is capable of facilitating parallel transaction processing and alleviates issues about the fairness of leader-based blockchains.

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Lorenzo Alvisi stated, “This collaboration with Aptos will help our team understand how to allow existing blockchain-based applications to take full advantage of our novel architecture.”

Avery Ching CTO and co-founder of Aptos Labs, noted “We are delighted to support the work of Professor Alvisi’s students as they not only research novel blockchain systems but also develop real-world, scalable use cases and applications to benefit the future of the industry.”

“Blockchain education remains a key cornerstone of Aptos’ mission, as it is a core value across our engineering team, which is comprised of a variety of PhDs across high-performance computing and cryptography disciplines,” Ching added.

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