Apple Sets a Barrier to the Release of Uniswap's iOS Wallet App

Apple Sets a Barrier to the Release of Uniswap’s iOS Wallet App

Uniswap Labs, a top-tier decentralized finance company, has announced the debut of its mobile wallet application with a restricted early release in light of the fact that Apple is displaying skepticism towards the launch.

On March 3rd, Uniswap presented their self-custodial, open-sourced mobile app with a restricted early release for just 10,000 users via Apple TestFlight. This release was a limited early release.

The application supports Swap on and can effortlessly switch between a number of different Mainnet scaling options, such as Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimist. By the usage of this application, users are able to transact a variety of ERC-20 tokens and NFTs across scaling-2 solutions.

The reason for the restricted release was revealed by Uniswap on Twitter: “Simply stated, Apple won’t green-light our launch, and we don’t know why.” This is the case despite the fact that the DeFi platform meets in every way with Apple’s requirements.

Callil Capuozzo, who is in charge of design at Uniswap Labs, criticized the stance that Apple has taken regarding their decentralized application (Dapp), stating that he does not believe the company or DEX need to conform to any of the existing regulatory regimes in order for the wallet app to go live.

The cryptocurrency wallet Metamask, which lays the door for certain exchanges through Uniswap, is one of the iOS crypto wallets that is already performing DEX token swaps. Other iOS crypto wallets include:

These kinds of initiatives by Apple put DEX systems in a difficult position with regard to their compliance with policy and specification.

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