Ant Group Launches ZAN Blockchain Service Platform for Web 3 Community

Ant Group Launches ZAN Blockchain Service Platform for Web 3 Community

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Ant Group, a prominent Chinese financial powerhouse, has made a significant stride in the blockchain arena with the launch of ZAN, a new blockchain service platform. ZAN has been specifically designed to serve the needs of Ant Group’s Web 3 community clients in international markets.

Ant Group Launches ZAN Blockchain Service Platform 2
Ant Group Launches ZAN Blockchain Service Platform 2

ZAN is poised to offer a comprehensive suite of blockchain application development tools to developers, empowering them to create cutting-edge blockchain-based applications. Additionally, the platform extends its services to institutional clients, facilitating the issuance and management of real-world assets while adhering to the intricate regulatory landscape of each region.

Notably, although ZAN operates as a subsidiary of Ant Group, it leverages the robust capabilities of AntChain Open Labs to power its product suite. Furthermore, ZAN is committed to providing clients with a suite of essential services, including electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) solutions, anti-money laundering (AML) compliance, and Know Your Transactions (KYT) capabilities.

One of the standout features of ZAN is its innovative Smart Contract Review (SCR) methodology. This approach equips developers with the tools to address security and performance concerns during the application development phase. The platform also offers high-performance Node services, ensuring secure Remote Procedure Call (RPC) access and enhanced Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for improved efficiency.

Zhang, a representative from Ant Group Digital Technologies, expressed the company’s commitment to addressing the challenges faced by developers and businesses in the web 3 ecosystem. Zhang stated, “At Ant Group Digital Technologies, we have seen the trend and also efficiency and security related bottlenecks during the application development process. To resolve these pain points, ZAN is dedicated to investing in research and development of Web3 technologies and products, providing more extensive and reliable technical services to support the community, and working with our partners to accelerate Web3 developments and innovations.”

Ant Group Launches ZAN Blockchain Service Platform

The development of ZAN has been a journey marked by collaboration and partnerships. The platform embarked on its technology pilot earlier this year and quickly gained traction. HashKey DID became one of ZAN’s pioneering clients, integrating the platform’s eKYC service. In addition to HashKey, ZAN has forged partnerships with industry players such as Morpheus Labs and Everest Ventures.

The introduction of ZAN reflects Ant Group’s commitment to fostering innovation and advancing blockchain technology, ensuring that its web 3 community clients have access to cutting-edge tools and services to thrive in the ever-evolving blockchain landscape.