Algorand Achieves Record-breaking Speed: 10,000 Transactions Per Second on Blockchain

Algorand Achieves Record-breaking Speed: 10,000 Transactions Per Second on Blockchain

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In the fast-paced world of technology, Algorand has reached new heights. With its latest accomplishment, this blockchain powerhouse is surpassing the speed of most sports cars and promising a digital revolution.

πŸ‘€Blink and you might miss it!πŸŽοΈπŸ’¨ @Algorand now secures transactions faster than a sports car going from 0 to 60 mph. 🏁 With 10,000 transactions per second, we’re speeding up the blockchain speedway.

Algorand Foundation (@AlgoFoundation) June 28, 2023

With a remarkable 10% increase in processing speed, the Algorand mainnet now reduces block times to around 3.3 seconds. Notably, this upgrade in speed maintains the network’s reputation for instant transaction finality.

What makes this achievement significant? According to sources, this speed has the potential to revolutionize the approach to blockchain technology. It may also pave the way for widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies by ensuring fast and secure transactions. Furthermore, Algorand’s impressive speed allows businesses to execute transactions virtually instantly, thereby enhancing overall productivity.


In addition to the faster transaction speeds, the Algorand upgrade introduces various new features designed to streamline application development. These enhancements include group resource sharing, developer timestamp control, and new endpoints for algod.

3/ Algorand’s technical release also brings several game-changing improvements for developers: βœ… Group resource sharing βœ… Dev timestamp control βœ… New algod endpoints βœ… and more! See what’s new πŸ‘‰β€” Algorand (@Algorand) June 22, 2023

Additionally, Algorand continues to empower developers with innovative features. “Simulate,” a powerful simulator for smart contracts, and “Conduit,” a novel tool for flexible and lightweight data access, are the latest additions to the Algorand ecosystem.

As Algorand enhances transaction speeds and enriches the developer experience, the network reaffirms its commitment to driving the evolution of blockchain technology. With its unwavering focus on technological innovation, Algorand is positioned to further advance in the blockchain arena.

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