After an outage lasting several hours, OKX has resumed its withdrawal activities.

After an outage lasting several hours, OKX has resumed its withdrawal activities.

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Exchange of cryptocurrencies on a global scale OKX was unavailable for many hours as a result of a hardware breakdown that occurred in the Hong Kong data center of Alibaba Cloud, the company that provides OKX’s major infrastructure. Since then, OKX has implemented a patch for the problem and activity on the platform have resumed.


At 4 am UTC on December 19, OKX reinstated support for deposits and withdrawals of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, USDT, and USDC, in addition to other TRC20 and ERC20 tokens. On December 19, at 7:00 am UTC, we will once again be able to accept deposits and make withdrawals of other cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency community does not always have a good time on Sundays, as seen by the widespread worry among users yesterday when OKX faced an outage.

“There is currently an intermittent connection error with our cloud provider which is affecting the user experience. Our dev team is resolving it with them. Funds are safe. Sorry for any inconvenience caused,” OKX tweeted.

The Hong Kong IDC Zone C server of cloud service provider Alibaba Cloud remained offline on Saturday at around 10 pm ET and did not recover for a number of hours, and the OKX development team worked with them to fix the problem.

Haider Rafique, OKX Global Chief Marketing Officer, tweeted, “Our teams are working with @alibaba_cloud to resolve this issue, we are expecting to be back up shortly.”

After several hours, OKX announced the platform is back online, and trading activities resumed. The team assured all user funds are safe. 

There was a 20-minute pre-open period before regular trading resumed. In the pre-open period, users were able to cancel orders, place post-only orders, and add margin funds, but the order matching system is kept closed. 

Once pre-open finished on Dec 18, 6:50 pm UTC, OKX returned to regular trading.

OKX said that this service outage occurred because of their dependence on a single cloud service provider as the root cause. OKX’s technical teams are now working on putting up a multi-cloud deployment strategy in order to guarantee that their core services are accessible on a variety of clouds and to stop another outage from occurring in the future.

OKX stated, “Once implemented, any issue at any single cloud service provider will no longer affect OKX’s core services, thus ensuring service stability in the long run.”

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