Adidas releases “ALTS by adidas” NFT Collection

Adidas releases “ALTS by adidas” NFT Collection

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Sports apparel giant Adidas enters the third and final phase of Into The Metaverse with the “ALTS by Adidas” NFT collection.


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The ALT[er] EGO (alt[er] Ego) is a unique attribute that allows holders to own exclusive ALTS by Adidas. It includes eight distinct attributes with varying rarities, such as Strikes (soccer), Hoops (basketball), Thrills (gaming), Amps (music and film), Soles (sneakers and skate), Decos (Art), and Drips (Fashion).

Holders will also receive exclusive or early access to physical and virtual products, tickets for events and performances, a stake and a voice within the ALTS by Adidas ecosystem, private use and specific commercial IP rights for their ALT, the ability to enhance and personalize their ALTs with virtual wearables, access to holder-only community gatherings, access to a token-gated chat in Discord and in future platforms, premium access to the Adidas collect platform, and exclusive access to physical and virtual (Metaverse and gaming) experiences.

VP of the Adidas studio Erika Wykes-Sneyd stated that ALTS brings the entire breadth of Adidas as a sports and lifestyle brand

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