Aavegotchi to build Gaming Blockchain ‘Gotchichain with Polygon Supernets

Aavegotchi to build Gaming Blockchain ‘Gotchichain’ with Polygon Supernets

The NFT gaming protocol, Aavegotchi partnered with Polygon to fabricate a Gotchichain, a blockchain dedicated to gamers, which is expected to launch in the third quarter. 

The development will take place on the Polygon Supernets to enhance the gaming experience. It will allow developers and game studios to build projects with lower fees and faster transaction times.

The Gotchichain will use the same native token of Aavegotchi’s eco-governance, GHST as a gas token for all sorts of transactions. Furthermore, Aavegotchi assets can be bridged with Gotchichain to use in games. However, minting will continue on Polygon POS. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Aavegotchi to bring gaming to the next level,” Hamzah Khan, Head of DeFi at Polygon stated in a blog post.”Polygon’s Supernets technology will enable Aavegotchi to create a blockchain optimized for gaming, providing users with the ultimate NFT gaming experience.”

Aavegotchi also announced the fund for game developers and studios to encourage development on the new platform. 

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