A Coder Forks Ordinals Protocol to Litecoin

A Coder Forks Ordinals Protocol to Litecoin

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Australian software engineer Anthony Guerrera posted a repository to GitHub that forked the Ordinals protocol to Litecoin on February 19th, 2023.

Similar to how it had been implemented in Bitcoin earlier in the year, this fork enables NFT-like assets on the Litecoin network.

Guerrera claimed that a 5 LTC bounty offered by Twitter user Indigo Nakamoto that later increased to 22 LTC, about $2,100, to anyone who was the first to successfully produce a fork motivated him to create the Litecoin Ordinal fork.

“I knew it was possible because Litecoin has taproot, as well as SegWit. I was in a bit of a mad rush to try and get it done as fast as I could,” Guerrera noted.

The MimbleWimble white paper (MWEB) is the first inscribed entry on the Litecoin blockchain to mark this crucial milestone which took place in block 242537.

Users have access to a more private and secure financial system thanks to MWEB on Litecoin, which boosts the network’s scalability and privacy.

Guerrera stated “I wanted to dedicate the first inscription to that and make it aware that Litecoin now has this privacy sidechain attached to it. I’m a fan of the technology and I like that privacy can become a thing on these public ledgers.”

Guerrera stated that the cost to inscribe a litoshi, which is the LTC counterpart of a satoshi, is “about two cents.” He claimed that the creation of his LTC fork took about a week because “the changes were quite simple.” 

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