22,628 USDT is lost after KuCoin's Twitter account is compromised

22,628 USDT is lost after KuCoin’s Twitter account is compromised

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OMG! 😱 Just heard that KuCoin’s Twitter account has been hacked and a whopping 22,628 USDT has been lost! 🀯 Stay safe out there, guys! πŸ”’ #KuCoin #Hacked #StaySafe

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According to the platform, the global cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin’s Twitter handle was compromised for about 45 minutes starting at 0:00 on April 24 (UTC+2).

Only KuCoin’s Twitter account was the target of the attackers, according to the cryptocurrency exchange, which was helped restore its account by the Twitter support staff.

Up until 2:00 a.m. on April 24 (UTC+2), the exchange found 22 transactions linked to the hack with a total loss of 22,628 USDT. KuCoin announced that it would compensate the impacted users.

Together with the Twitter team, KuCoin is looking into the hack and blocking suspicious addresses to limit any further user impact. In addition, the exchange reassured users that it will implement additional security measures in addition to Twitter’s current 2FA to strengthen the defense of its social media accounts.

Cryptocurrency scammers frequently target the Twitter accounts of well-known people or crypto companies. An Indian state governor’s Twitter account was compromised last month and used to advertise a phony XRP airdrop. Sadly, there have been a lot of hacking incidents similar to this one.

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