Yuga Labs announces Bitcoin Ordinals Collection “TwelveFold”

Yuga Labs announces Bitcoin Ordinals Collection “TwelveFold”

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When it unveils a new NFT collection called “TwelveFold” on the Bitcoin blockchain, Yuga Labs, the creator of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), is the most recent party to join the excitement around the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol.

The 300-piece TwelveFold generative art collection is a unique and experimental work that will be stored on the Bitcoin blockchain as satoshis.

The collection will be a base-12 art system centered around a 1212 grid, serving as a symbolic representation of the data mapping on the Bitcoin blockchain.

TwelveFold pays respect to the current handwritten ordinal inscriptions by fusing hand-drawn characteristics with exquisitely rendered 3D parts.

Yuga Laboratories will make more announcements in the coming week about the timetable and specifics of the TwelveFold NFT collection sale.

“Stepping into the Ordinals Discord a month ago was like receiving a peek of the Ethereum NFT ecosystem from the 2017 timeframe,” said Yuga. It has the thrill and intensity that we at Yuga enjoy.

The BAYC creator said, “With time, we anticipate this technology and the ecosystem surrounding it to grow and become more complex, but we don’t expect it to evolve in the same ways that other blockchain NFT ecosystems have.”

Even NFT behemoths like Yuga have joined the ecosystem of the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol, which is now all the rage. Lately, ‘DeGods’ NFTs located in Solana also adopted the Bitcoin Ordinals craze. The development of the tools and infrastructure behind Bitcoin’s inscriptions will determine how popular it becomes over time.

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