World of Women partner with Johnnie Walker to Empower Women's Sports

World of Women partner with Johnnie Walker to Empower Women’s Sports

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Uniting for Women’s Sports: WoW and Johnnie Walker Partnership

This summer, the World of Women (WoW) has exciting news for sports enthusiasts as they announce a remarkable partnership with Johnnie Walker to support and celebrate women’s sports. Fresh from their successful collaboration with FC Barcelona, WoW continues their efforts to promote women’s sports by joining forces with the renowned brand.

Fresh off our @fcbarcelona partnership we’re thrilled to continue rallying to watch women’s sports together w/ @johnniewalkerUS for their Summer of Soccer! ⚽️ #ad

Johnnie Walker makes it easier for fans to access & watch games, bringing visibility to women’s sports in culture!

— World of Women (@worldofwomennft) July 13, 2023

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Celebrating Women’s Sports Across Major U.S. Cities

The event dates span from July to August, with several major U.S. cities being part of the action. New York City leads the charge, kicking off the series on July 21st, followed by Miami and Chicago on July 26th. The series will reach its climax in Los Angeles on August 19th, creating a summer of excitement and empowerment for women’s sports.

Engaging Everyone in Women’s Sports

As a part of this inspiring initiative, WoW invites everyone to join in the celebration of women’s sports. WoW has reserved 10 tickets for WoW/G (WoW member) holders in each city where the events take place. Those interested in securing a ticket can fill out a form with their RSVP request. This inclusivity aims to foster a diverse and passionate audience for women’s sports events.

Spotlighting Female Athletes and Reducing Gender Disparities

The WoW-Johnnie Walker partnership’s overarching objective is to raise awareness about women’s sports, shine a spotlight on the achievements of female athletes, and work towards reducing gender disparities both in sports and beyond. By uniting their efforts, WoW and Johnnie Walker strive to drive lasting change and create a more equitable sporting landscape for women.

Women’s Summer of Soccer: A Series of Empowering Events

The partnership will witness the unfolding of the Women’s Summer of Soccer, a series of empowering events that celebrate women’s contributions to the beautiful game. WoW members have the exciting opportunity to attend these exclusive events by expressing their interest early on. Additionally, attendees will receive a POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) crafted by Superama, making each event a memorable experience.


The collaboration between the World of Women and Johnnie Walker signifies a powerful step forward in empowering women’s sports. With a series of events planned across major U.S. cities, this partnership aims to make women’s sports more visible and accessible to a wider audience. By spotlighting female athletes and advocating for gender equality, WoW and Johnnie Walker set a commendable example of how sports can drive positive social change. As the summer of empowerment unfolds, the world eagerly awaits a new era for women’s sports.

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