Voyager's Committee of Unsecured Creditors Faces Mounting Legal Fees

Voyager’s Committee of Unsecured Creditors Faces Mounting Legal Fees

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Voyager’s committee of unsecured creditors has encountered a substantial bill from McDermott Will & Emery, the legal powerhouse overseeing their restructuring process. The latest invoice amounts to $5.1 million, covering the extensive work performed between March and May. This brings McDermott’s overall compensation to a staggering $16.4 million, surpassing the initial budget allocated for the process. Notably, creditors have already disbursed $8.9 million toward this billed amount.

Dedication to Plan and Disclosure Settlement

McDermott’s attorneys dedicated a significant amount of time, totaling 970.9 hours, to the critical task of plan and disclosure settlement. This involved engaging in discussions with the Debtors regarding potential sale options, meeting prospective buyers, and carefully addressing objections raised by other stakeholders. The complexity and importance of this task demonstrate the firm’s commitment to advocating for the interests of Voyager’s committee of unsecured creditors.

Unfulfilled Endeavors

Previous fee periods witnessed substantial activity surrounding a prospective asset sale to FTX. However, the bankruptcy of the exchange ultimately thwarted the completion of this deal, leaving behind an unfulfilled endeavor. Despite this setback, McDermott’s efforts in exploring potential solutions highlight their dedication to finding the best outcome for the creditors.

Lucrative Bankruptcy Landscape

The year 2022 saw a significant downturn in the market, leading to several bankruptcies. Paradoxically, this situation has proven highly lucrative for law firms, with notable entities like FTX and Celsius spending over $200 million and $50 million, respectively, on legal fees. The complexity and magnitude of these cases have necessitated extensive legal representation, resulting in substantial compensation for the firms involved.

Impressive Legal Representation

It is worth noting that Voyager had previously paid $1.1 million to the esteemed law firm Kirkland & Ellis for their comprehensive representation as the debtors in this intricate case. This highlights the importance of securing expert legal counsel to navigate the complexities of bankruptcy proceedings.


McDermott Will & Emery’s substantial bill, exceeding the predetermined budget, underscores the exceptional efforts undertaken by the firm to advocate for the interests of Voyager’s committee of unsecured creditors. Despite the challenges faced during the bankruptcy process, their dedication to plan and disclosure settlement demonstrates a commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes for all parties involved.

These tumultuous times have proven to be a financial boon for legal practitioners, with significant sums expended on legal services by industry giants FTX and Celsius. As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, the need for expert legal representation in complex cases becomes increasingly vital.


1. What is the role of McDermott Will & Emery in Voyager’s bankruptcy case? McDermott Will & Emery serves as the legal powerhouse representing Voyager’s committee of unsecured creditors during the restructuring process. They advocate for the interests of the creditors and oversee various aspects of the bankruptcy proceedings.

2. How much has McDermott Will & Emery been compensated for their work in Voyager’s bankruptcy case? McDermott Will & Emery has received a total compensation of $16.4 million for their extensive work between March and May, surpassing the initial budget allocated for the restructuring process.

3. Why have law firms experienced a financial boon during these tumultuous times in the cryptocurrency market? Despite the market downturn and numerous bankruptcies, law firms have benefitted financially due to the complex nature of cryptocurrency-related cases. Major players in the industry, such as FTX and Celsius, have spent substantial amounts on legal fees to navigate these challenging circumstances.

4. What is the significance of plan and disclosure settlement in Voyager’s bankruptcy case? Plan and disclosure settlement involve crucial negotiations and discussions to explore potential sale options, meet with prospective buyers, and address objections from stakeholders. McDermott Will & Emery’s dedication to this task showcases their commitment to achieving the best outcomes for Voyager’s committee of unsecured creditors.

5. How does the bankruptcy landscape impact legal representation in the cryptocurrency industry? The complexities and challenges of the bankruptcy landscape in the cryptocurrency industry require expert legal representation. Law firms play a crucial role in advocating for the interests of their clients and navigating the intricate legal proceedings associated with bankruptcies in the crypto space.

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