VitaDAO Breaks Ground Launches Matrix Biosciences with $300,000 Seed Funding

VitaDAO Breaks Ground: Launches Matrix Biosciences with $300,000 Seed Funding

In a monumental leap toward the future of scientific exploration, VitaDAO, a decentralized organization passionately dedicated to advancing early-stage longevity research, has achieved a significant milestone. The community-driven initiative has unveiled Matrix Biosciences, its inaugural biotech firm, heralding a new era in scientific innovation.

This visionary move was bolstered by a collaboration with Dr. Vera Gorbunova, the esteemed co-chair of the Aging Research Center at Rochester’s University, signifying the project’s commitment to expertise and excellence.

To fuel this pioneering endeavor, VitaDAO has provided an initial seed funding of $300,000 to Matrix Bio. However, this is merely the beginning. The rest of the funding will flow through an innovative mechanism: IP-NFT fractionalization, set to unfold in early 2024. This cutting-edge technology, harnessed by the VitaDAO-associated platform Molecule, enables the fractionalization of IP-NFT, empowering researchers to showcase their projects through a dynamic marketplace.

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But where does the funding go? These funds are meticulously allocated for pre-clinical investigations focused on compounds derived from extraordinary creatures – the long-lived, cancer-resistant naked mole rats. The objective? To unearth potential treatments targeting not only cancer but also age-related ailments, offering a glimmer of hope for future medical breakthroughs.

In a stunning display of industry support, Pfizer’s venture arm injected a substantial $4.1 million into VitaDAO. This infusion of capital signifies Pfizer’s inaugural foray into the world of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), underlining the industry’s increasing alignment with decentralized science, aptly termed DeSci. This paradigm shift emphasizes the utilization of crowdfunding to source research funding, fostering a spirit of collaboration, transparency, and shared ownership.

The launch of Matrix Biosciences marks a monumental stride toward a future where scientific endeavors are driven not only by experts in the field but also by a global community passionate about advancing the frontiers of knowledge. As VitaDAO blazes a trail into uncharted territories, the possibilities for groundbreaking discoveries are boundless. Stay tuned as this captivating journey unfolds, promising a future where science knows no bounds.

Thuy Nguyen
Thuy Nguyen


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