Users lost over $300K from Phishing Blur Airdrop.

Users lost over $300K from Phishing Blur Airdrop.

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According to a Tweet from TrustCheck, a phishing assault in which consumers browsed rogue websites touting BLUR token airdrop using their wallet resulted in the theft of more than $300,000 worth of tokens.


The recently formed, zero-fee NFT marketplace called Blur immediately caught the interest of NFT aficionados, taking Opensea’s spot as the biggest NFT marketplace.

Based on a variety of factors in multiple waves, such as trading activity and platform loyalty, Blur is airdropping its tokens, $BLUR. 10% of Blur’s total token supply was issued to users last month in a second airdrop depending on their trading behavior.

Several individuals hurried to acquire $BLUR tokens after seeing the platform’s exponential expansion. The popularity of Blur has given scammers a chance to spread their schemes through infected websites.

Since February 15th, more than $300,000 has been stolen from 24 fraudulent websites, according to information provided by TrustCheck. Unexpectedly, a few dangerous websites are still in operation.

A smart contract that transfers ETH from users’ wallets to the scammer’s website is hidden on the malicious website. But, since frauds were discovered in the neighborhood, security companies like TrustCheck are raising warning signs on this website.

In order to prevent such frauds, users should also adhere to the guidelines on Blur’s social media profiles on Twitter, Discord, and other platforms.

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