Uniswap Labs released a user data privacy policy.

Uniswap, the largest decentralized exchange, has now published its privacy policy in order to promote openness, explain how the DEX safeguards user privacy and data, and explain how it does so.

According to the statement, Uniswap Labs collects public on-chain data and limited off-chain data from user wallets like device type, browser version, etc to improve user experience. 

Uniswap has made it clear that it does not collect or keep any personal information about its users, including first and last names, physical addresses, dates of birth, email addresses, or Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

Because Uniswap does not collect personally identifiable information, any suppliers with whom they do business also do not have any such information. When it comes to marketing, Uniswap does not provide any third parties with access to user data in any capacity.

In an effort to strengthen its privacy and security standards, Uniswap has just just introduced a reverse proxy server. This server will sit between user devices and any third-party tool, and will prohibit third-party tools from accessing user data.

According to the statement made by the DEX, “We will continue to apply these restrictions to both present and future Uniswap Labs products.”

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