TNS will be to deploy cloud computing servers for Coinbase.

TNS will be to deploy cloud computing servers for Coinbase.

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The leading data communication firm, Transaction Network Services (TNS) will deploy its cloud computing servers and network hardware solutions to support Coinbase Derivatives Exchange (CDE).

The deployment will improve the overall performance of the Coinbase Derivatives Exchange infrastructure that is located in Secaucus, New Jersey, and Aurora, Illinois. It will include a TNS Dedicated Server. It will empower Coinbase Derivatives Exchange with effective capabilities such as low latency trading execution, improve storage capabilities, and process large data sets. These are just some of the capabilities that will be enabled. These newly developed capabilities will assist CDE in speeding up its path to expansion and adoption.

TNS to Deploy Cloud Computing Servers for Coinbase
TNS to Deploy Cloud Computing Servers for Coinbase

In addition to this, CDE will be given access to the TNS network, which will enable it to achieve low latency access through any data center that TNS operates anywhere in the world. In addition to this, it will give users access to the vast financial community that TNS maintains, which consists of over 2,800 endpoints.

“We’re pleased to add the Coinbase Derivatives Exchange to our robust exchange community,” Tom Lazenga, General Manager of TNS’ Financial Markets business stated in the press release. “Our institutional customers can now access crypto futures markets with resilient, high-performance connectivity.”

After being installed in the Equinix NY6 data center, the switching compute system and dedicated hardware were later deployed in the production CDE sites located in Secaucus, New Jersey, and Aurora, Illinois respectively. TNS collaborated with CDE and their network team to acquire the systems during a period of high demand for network hardware that was accompanied by lengthy lead times.

TNS was able to quickly procure the systems and deploy them using their cloud platform, which included the Dedicated Server offering. This offering enables rapid installation and helps to alleviate supply chain challenges.

Boris Ilyevsky, Coinbase Derivatives Exchange, CEO said, “Crypto has witnessed both volatile and liquid markets and with institutional adoption remaining strong, we believe the time is right for the offering that TNS brings to the table. Dedicated cloud infrastructure connectivity coupled with our derivatives exchange represents a mission-critical step toward supporting and maintaining a vibrant and reliable crypto derivatives market.”

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