Tezos to Increase Transaction Speed by 8 Times with 'Nairobi' Upgrade

Tezos to Increase Transaction Speed by 8 Times with ‘Nairobi’ Upgrade

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Tezos, the open-source blockchain network, has announced a significant upgrade called ‘Nairobi’ that will accelerate its transaction speed by eight times. This upgrade signifies a new era for the platform, enhancing its capabilities.


The Nairobi upgrade enables Tezos to process an impressive eight million transactions per second, a significant improvement compared to its previous capability. However, the Tezos network has been underutilized, handling only around 68,000 transactions in the last 24 hours.

The ‘Nairobi’ upgrade not only promises improved network speed but also sets the stage for scalability. With its increased transaction speed and open-source nature, Tezos becomes a strong competitor in the blockchain space.

This upgrade is expected to attract more users and projects to the Tezos blockchain, resulting in a higher transaction volume. This development could significantly enhance Tezos’ market position and its goal of becoming a leading blockchain platform.

Despite this significant leap, Tezos continues to innovate and refine its systems, aiming to provide a better and more efficient platform for its users and projects. The ‘Nairobi’ upgrade is just one step in its ongoing journey.

Tezos’ ‘Nairobi’ upgrade is an exciting development for both the blockchain network and its users. Its high-speed capabilities offer the promise of a faster and more efficient blockchain, paving the way for innovative and expansive projects in the future.

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