Terra Do Kwon founder hid Trezor wallet in his body???

Terra Do Kwon founder hid Trezor wallet in his body???

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In today’s episode of How messed up is messed up, Twitter erupts with rumors that Do Kwon, the founder of Terraform Labs, had an unexpected result from his body inspection. Authorities claim to have discovered a hardware wallet called a Trezor stick inside Do Kwon’s body.

The rumor was started on Twitter by a user, to which the Trezor account responded. An individual on Twitter posted the rumor, and the Trezor website responded. No link was provided to back up claims made by some users that the news was from Reuters.

Recent reports from S. Korea claimed that Do Kwon hired a legal team before Terra fell. US prosecutors have accused Kwon of fraud after his arrest in Montenegro in March.

It is clear that Do Kwon was attempting to flee covertly and was concealing a hardware wallet inside of himself. If the wallet contained any money, that information is still unknown. However, it is only reasonable to assume that he carried money with him if he was fleeing.

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