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Snoop Dogg and Deekay Partner with Coinbase for Exclusive Launching NFT on Base Chain

Snoop Dogg and Deekay Partner with Coinbase for Exclusive Launching NFT on Base Chain

Renowned Rapper Snoop Dogg, also known as Cozomo de’ Medici, and celebrated digital artist Deekay have joined forces in an exciting collaboration with cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. The partnership marks a significant step in the world of NFTs, bringing together the worlds of music, art, and digital ownership.

A Unique NFT Art Drop

The collaboration between Snoop Dogg and Deekay brings forth an exclusive NFT art drop that captures the essence of the crypto industry’s transformative moments. Cozomo de’ Medici has emphasized that the artwork will be accessible at “a very low price,” ensuring that newcomers to the NFT space can partake in the experience of digital ownership.

Celebrating Onchain Summer

The NFT art drop is a part of Coinbase’s Onchain Summer, a celebration aligned with the public launch of the Base chain. This limited-time opportunity is set to kick off at 9 am PT today and will be available for a 24-hour window. Enthusiasts and collectors will have the chance to mint NFTs using credit cards, expanding accessibility.

A Blend of Digital and Physical

Deekay’s NFT artwork not only exists in the digital realm but also offers an optional physical claim, catering to those who desire a tangible connection to their digital ownership. This collaboration unveils Deekay’s lowest mint-price NFT artwork, presenting an enticing opportunity for art enthusiasts and crypto aficionados alike to acquire a piece of his creative expression.

Snoop Dogg’s Commitment to Digital Art

Snoop Dogg’s involvement in the NFT space is not a recent development. The acclaimed rapper has been an avid supporter of digital art, exemplified by his role as a pseudonymous digital art collector and his venture into launching his own NFT collections. Notably, he introduced the NFT Passport Series in the previous month, granting exclusive access and unique experiences to his supporters.

A Fusion of Creativity and Innovation

The partnership between Snoop Dogg, Deekay, and Coinbase represents the convergence of creativity and technological innovation. As the crypto and NFT landscape continues to evolve, collaborations like this highlight the transformative potential of blockchain technology in reshaping traditional art and entertainment paradigms.

Embracing the Future of Ownership

Through the NFT art drop on the Base chain, Snoop Dogg, Deekay, and Coinbase are fostering an environment where individuals can not only engage with art but also experience the pride of digital ownership. This venture showcases how blockchain technology is democratizing access to creative works while introducing new avenues for artists and enthusiasts to connect.

A Limited-Time Opportunity

For those interested in owning a piece of Deekay’s artwork and participating in this unique collaboration, the 24-hour window is a pivotal moment. As the clock ticks, enthusiasts have the chance to secure an NFT that holds both artistic and digital significance, a testament to the evolving relationship between art and technology.


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