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Radiant Raises $10 Million from Binance Labs to Lead the DeFi Revolution

Radiant Raises $10 Million from Binance Labs to Lead the DeFi Revolution

Radiant, the cross-chain lending, and borrowing protocol have secured $10 million in funding from Binance Labs, a significant boost for decentralized finance.

Binance Labs’ Strategic Investment Empowers Radient’s Mission

In an official announcement, Binance Labs revealed their $10 million investment in Radiant, emphasizing their commitment to supporting the protocol’s vision of revolutionizing decentralized finance. This strategic funding is set to play a crucial role in Radient’s growth as it expands to new chains and continues its scaling journey.

Radiant’s Cross-Chain Lending and Borrowing Platform Gains Momentum

Leveraging LayerZero technology, Radient has developed a pioneering cross-chain lending and borrowing platform that allows users to seamlessly deposit and borrow assets across multiple chains. Currently, it supports over 20 collateral assets from Arbitrum and BNB Chain, demonstrating its versatility and market appeal.

Fueling Tech and Product Development for Enhanced Utility

The funds secured from Binance Labs will be channeled towards tech and product development, aiming to enhance the platform’s functionalities. Radient plans to integrate oracle support, expand collateral options, provide full LayerZero support, and deploy on the Ethereum mainnet, broadening its reach across numerous EVM chains.

George Macallan’s Enthusiasm for the Partnership

George Macallan, the Founder of Radient Capital, expressed immense excitement about the partnership with Binance Labs, emphasizing how their investment will drive Radient to new heights. With a focus on expanding to new chains, scaling, and reinforcing ecosystem utility, the collaboration is poised to bring substantial benefits to the DeFi landscape.

Radiant Capital Gains Traction as a Leading Lending Protocol

Since its launch, Radient has gained significant traction, positioning itself as the number one lending protocol on Arbitrum in terms of Total Value Locked (TVL) and holding the 5th position on BNB Chain. This achievement underscores the protocol’s potential for facilitating seamless cross-chain transactions for DeFi enthusiasts.

Binance Labs: Championing DeFi Innovation 💡

Yi He, the Head of Binance Labs, praised Radient Capital’s commitment to advancing DeFi and driving innovation in the industry. As Binance Labs actively seeks out promising DeFi projects that push the boundaries of the space, Radient’s performance on Arbitrum and BNB Chain showcases its potential for widespread adoption.


In conclusion, Radient’s recent funding success of $10 million from Binance Labs marks a significant milestone in the realm of decentralized finance. With Binance Labs’ strategic investment, Radient is poised to lead the DeFi revolution with its cross-chain lending and borrowing platform. As it expands to new chains, scales its operations, and reinforces ecosystem utility, Radient Capital is set to drive mass adoption and propel the DeFi industry towards greater innovation and growth. The partnership between Radient and Binance Labs holds tremendous promise for the future of decentralized finance, promising exciting advancements for the entire DeFi community.


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