Quant's CBDC Technology Now Available to All Businesses

Quant’s CBDC Technology Now Available to All Businesses

Quant has made a significant announcement by introducing the Overledger Platform for enterprise use. This platform, previously used in the prestigious Bank of England’s CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) project called Rosalind, is now accessible to any business.


The Overledger Platform is a crucial milestone in blockchain and distributed ledger technology, enabling the seamless integration of various blockchains. Its advanced features enable businesses to harness the potential of CBDCs, which are becoming digital representations of traditional fiat currencies issued by central banks.

Quant’s Overledger Platform empowers enterprises to connect with various CBDC networks, facilitating transactions and enabling interoperability across multiple digital currencies. This improves efficiency, security, and transparency in financial operations, simplifying processes and reducing complexity. Quant’s technology was used in the Bank of England’s CBDC project, Project Rosalind, showcasing its scalability and versatility.

The platform’s release marks a new era in the world of digital currencies, paving the way for a future where CBDCs play a pivotal role in global commerce. As more businesses adopt this groundbreaking technology, the financial landscape is set to undergo remarkable transformation, unlocking new opportunities and revolutionizing transaction processes.

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