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PUBG Developer Krafton Ventures into Blockchain with Settlus A Creator Focused Blockchain Ecosystem

PUBG Developer Krafton Ventures into Blockchain with Settlus: A Creator-Focused Blockchain Ecosystem

Krafton, the creative force behind the immensely popular video game PUBG, is stepping into the world of blockchain technology with the announcement of Settlus. Revealed during the Circle Hacker House event, Settlus is poised to be a purpose-built blockchain ecosystem that focuses on empowering creators.

PUBG Developer Krafton Ventures

A New Venture in Blockchain

The announcement of Settlus marks Krafton’s entry into the blockchain space, and it’s generating significant buzz within the gaming and blockchain communities. Settlus is expected to offer a transparent settlement system that caters specifically to creators, fostering a thriving creator economy.

Key Features of Settlus

While specific details about Settlus are still limited, the company’s website provides some insights into its offerings. Settlus aims to enable an ecosystem where creators can benefit from on-demand payouts through transparent transaction records, assert ownership over NFT royalty rights, and utilize interoperable NFTs. Additionally, Settlus intends to streamline blockchain transactions by leveraging stablecoins for gas fees, making it more accessible for creators.

https settlus.org

The Migaloo Connection

In April 2023, Krafton unveiled its ambitious metaverse project known as ‘Migaloo.’ Partnering with Naver Z, an Asian metaverse company, Krafton’s Migaloo project is set to create a Crate-to-earn platform using NFTs and blockchain technology. The synergy between Settlus and Migaloo is evident, with Migaloo being showcased as the first of many projects to utilize Settlus’s capabilities.

Migaloo focuses on user-generated content (UGC) and aims to provide creators with royalty rights while ensuring transparent and borderless settlements. This approach aligns with the broader vision of blockchain technology, which is characterized by transparency, decentralization, and empowerment.

Settlus’s Vision

Krafton’s vision for Settlus is clear: to serve as a gateway, bridging the gap between web2 products and the diverse realms of web3. Unlike mere promises of creating a new universe, Settlus seeks to provide practical solutions for creators to thrive in the evolving digital landscape.

The Settlus testnet is scheduled for launch in early 2024, hinting at the company’s commitment to delivering a robust and fully functional blockchain ecosystem that caters to the needs of creators.

As Krafton ventures into the blockchain space with Settlus, the industry eagerly anticipates further details and developments. Settlus has the potential to revolutionize the creator economy by offering innovative solutions backed by blockchain technology, and it stands as a testament to the growing synergy between gaming and blockchain. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting endeavor.


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