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Possible arrival of a brand-new Twitter Coin

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There have been rumors that a fresh new Twitter Coin is on its way. There are rumors going around that Twitter is contemplating the rollout of its very own native currency that would be called “Twitter Coin.” This token would be utilized on the site for tipping and making payments.

Nima Owji, who manages a Twitter account dedicated to app-related information leaks, shared a screenshot of what appeared to be a prototype Twitter interface along with a vector picture of a coin displaying the Twitter logo and the “Coins” option for tipping. The screenshot was accompanied by a picture of a coin that displayed the “Coins” option for tipping.

Another detective working in the open Jane Manchun Wong disclosed information concerning Twitter Coin that was also given by Owji. Won distributed a piece of code that was taken from the most current version of the Twitter Web App, but Wong has been completely absent from all social media sites ever then.

Wong did say this before he vanished: “It isn’t rolled out yet; there is little information out there as to what this truly is.”

Some members of the community are still clinging to the idea that Twitter Currency is really a fake name for Dogecoin. This is due to the fact that Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, is an avid supporter of the joke coin.

A Twitter Spaces audience received confirmation from Elon Musk two days ago that he is interested in receiving payments in cryptocurrencies. Musk has claimed that it is “sort of a no-brainer” for Twitter to provide payment options, including both fiat currency and cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency industry has very high hopes on what Elon Musk will bring to the table and how the leading social media platform would drive the broad adoption of cryptocurrencies around the globe.

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