NYX Professional Makeup Launches NFTs for GORJS, the First Beauty DAO

NYX Professional Makeup Launches NFTs for GORJS, the First Beauty DAO

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Today, NYX Professional Makeup made the announcement that GORJS, the world’s first beauty decentralized autonomous organization (“DAO”) focused on fostering the development of the 3D artist community, is releasing the FKWME Pass, a limited collection of NFT access passes that will unlock perks for the DAO’s first 1,000 members. This pass is part of a limited collection of NFT access passes that will unlock perks for the DAO’s first 1,000 members. GORJS is an open-source platform that was built on top of the Ethereum blockchain and operates as a decentralized incubator for aspiring digital content producers. On January 31, 2023, NFT enthusiasts, collectors, and individuals will be able to pre-mint FKWME NFTs and get access to GORJS via the allowlist auction. The complete NFT drop is slated to take place on GORJS on February 1, 2023.

NYX Professional Makeup, which is owned by L’Oréal and has been around for a long time, has a history of enabling artists via the use of innovative technologies. GORJS gives its community of cosmetics aficionados, artists, and collectors the ability to create beauty to the metaverse as the Web3 age gets underway. On January 10, the beauty brand produced a thorough litepaper describing the essential features of the DAO’s governance, including token economics and the function of the FKWME Pass, further illustrating how GORJS is revolutionizing beauty in the metaverse. The litepaper was published on the GORJS website.


“We invite artists to join the movement with us to ‘Make the Metaverse Gorjs,’ and to evolve their artistic creativity beyond the basis of physical and genetic appearances,” said Yann Joffredo, Global Brand President of NYX Cosmetics. “At NYX Professional Makeup, we invite artists to join the movement with us to ‘Make the Metaverse Gorjs,’ and to “Make the Metaverse Gorjs.” “With our inaugural FKWME NFT collection, GORJS is elevating 3D artists throughout the industry. We are also encouraging growth, equity, and innovation within the community, and eventually offering them a route to success inside the Web3 ecosystem,” said GORJS.

NYX Professional Makeup is launching the very first decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to provide assistance to all producers in the process of developing a brand-new age of beauty. This assistance will be extended to underrepresented and underprivileged groups. Artists that take part in the DAO retain complete control of the intellectual property (IP) associated with their creative work, which enables them to receive royalties. An initial cohort of some of the most active innovators in this field have been directly invited by NYX Professional Makeup to join GORJS and help develop awareness and enthusiasm for the DAO throughout the artist community.

In addition to these features, GORJS will provide a one-of-a-kind creator gateway for the purpose of partnership discovery, an advantageous chance to expand one’s worldwide reach, and ultimately a complete suite of creator tools. Not only will artists who take part in the DAO be eligible to receive money for their own non-fungible token (NFT) projects and digital art endeavors, but they will also have access to the work of other artists who are a part of the DAO.

The GORJS Founding Team, which is led by employees of NYX Professional Makeup, will provide assistance with the launch of the artists’ NFT drops within GORJS. Additionally, they will work to develop the ecosystem of the new DAO and implement new capabilities to onboard collectors and NFT enthusiasts. In addition, the GORJS Founding Team has established an external advisory board comprised of Web3 thought leaders who come from a variety of different backgrounds and have significant knowledge in the sector, and they will continue to bring on new advisers as the project moves forward. The first six people to join the Advisory Team are as follows: Amber Ward, Sebastian Borget, Brian Trunzo, Timmu Toke, and Evelyn Mora. Ashley Smith is the seventh member of the team.

Coinbold NFT Access Pass
NFT Access Pass

Advantages and Advantages of FKWME NFT:

  • Early access to the projects being developed by GORJS collaborating artists
  • Distribution of first tokens for immediate governance purposes.
  • Token distribution on a daily basis to support ongoing DAO governance, voting, and allowlist bidding
  • Droppings of NFTs by various artists

Individuals that participate in the FKWME NFT will be granted access to GORJS as well as governance authority inside the platform, and they may anticipate receiving many airdrops. GORJS is introducing its newest voting mechanism, in which FKWME pass holders will cast votes to determine which airdrop/allowlist they would like to receive from the first season’s collection. Voters will use tokens to declare interest in the art piece that they want to receive from the first season’s collection.

The community is given priority by the FKWME NFT, which distributes a greater quantity of GORJS tokens to the community than it does to the GORJS Founding Team or the GORJS Advisory Team. GORJS intends to distribute at least 12 airdrops to holders of FKWME NFT during the course of the next three years. The number of airdrops that will be made accessible every quarter will vary depending on the project. Artists are required to provide a description of the number of airdrops that will be made accessible to FKWME NFT holders inside their proposal submissions.

Visit for further information on GORJS and the FKWME NFT Mint.

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