Now, just 8% of Americans see cryptocurrencies favorably.

Now, just 8% of Americans see cryptocurrencies favorably.

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The survey found that the percentage of people who believe in cryptocurrency is on the decrease. After the fall of the cryptocurrency market, just 8% of Americans had a favorable attitude about virtual currencies.

According to the CNBC All-America Economic Survey, there has been a significant shift, as the percentage of people who have an unfavorable opinion of the economy has climbed from 25% in March to 45% now. The sample size for the poll was 800 participants from the United States of America, and the error margin was +/- 3.5%.

According to the study, 42 percent of crypto investors now have a view of the asset that is either somewhat or extremely unfavorable. This result is in line with the 43 percent finding for all persons who were questioned. The primary distinction is that just 17% of cryptocurrency investors are “extremely negative,” in contrast to 47% of investors in other asset classes.

Brain Brook, CEO of Bitfury and former comptroller of currency said  “And so when you read FTX stories on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, literally every day for the last 30 days…what it does is for relative new entrants, they get scared. And so as a result, liquidity is thinner than it would have been and people’s willingness to invest is lower.” at CNBC Financial Advisor Summit.

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