NEAR Foundation announces the 2023 Women in Web3 Changemakers award winners.

NEAR Foundation announces the 2023 Women in Web3 Changemakers award winners.

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In 2023, the NEAR Foundation, a Swiss non-profit organization, revealed the final list of the top Women in Web3 Changemakers. These exceptional women were selected by the public from a shortlist of candidates based on their inclusion, influence, and innovation within the Web3 community.

Marieke Flament, CEO of the NEAR Foundation, expressed her admiration for the winners. She stated, “This is an extraordinary list of remarkable women who have truly left their mark in a highly competitive and challenging environment where opportunities are not always easily accessible to everyone, especially women. These Changemakers demonstrate that we can forge our own path into the ecosystem and create a shared narrative that has the power to break down barriers and make Web3 more inclusive for all.”

Flament further emphasized the importance of collaboration and community-building. She stated, “It is crucial that we continue to support one another and foster a strong international community that includes both men and women. Together, we can inspire one another, serve as role models, and level the playing field for the next generation of women.”

The 2023 Women in Web3 Changemakers list includes:

  1. Emily Rose Dallara – Web3 Leadership Coach and Podcast Producer
  2. Janine Grainger – CEO and Co-founder, Easy Crypto AI
  3. Bridget Greenwood – Founder, The Bigger Pie
  4. Cathy Hackl – Founder and Chief Metaverse Officer
  5. Erica Kang – Founder and CEO, Krypto Seoul
  6. Irina Karagyaur – Founder and Director, BQ9
  7. Veronica Korzh – Co-founder and CEO, Geekpay
  8. Zoe Leavitt – Founder and CEO, Glass
  9. Alana Podrx – CEO and Founder, Eve Wealth
  10. Yaliwe Soko – Chair, United Africa Blockchain Association

This diverse group of Changemakers represents a wide range of expertise and achievements within the Web3 space. They have demonstrated their dedication to driving ideas that benefit society and promote sustainability, while making a significant impact on the Web3 community and beyond. Recently, the NEAR Foundation partnered with Alibaba Cloud for Web3 Growth.

The NEAR Foundation commends the numerous nominations received from peers and employers, acknowledging the accomplishments of women in the global workforce. The international community has shown its support for women’s contributions in Web3, emphasizing the collective effort to foster a more inclusive and diverse ecosystem.

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