Messi and Bitget celebrate the World Cup together in the “Make it Count” campaign.

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Bitget has announced a series of marketing campaigns involving Lionel Messi. The ‘Make it Count’ brand video was created to commemorate the 2022 World Cup and is part of a $20 million marketing plan that includes rewards.

In conjunction with events that are centered around the World Cup, Bitget has arranged for a number of giveaways as well as exclusive rewards. It made the announcement that the giveaway prizes would include a million BGB and a jersey signed by Lionel Messi.

It was announced there will be an addition of “100 BGB to the prize pool for every new participant until it reaches 1,000,000 BGB.”

Additionally, it will host its semiannual derivatives event known as KCGI. This year’s tournament will have a prize fund of up to 100 Bitcoin and will center around football and the World Cup.

The response made by Leo Messi was as follows: “I would like to thank Bitget for making me a part of the crypto trading social world with such an interesting promotion.” The notion of Bitget’s brand film’make it count,’ which is to lead the vision and create a new route within the business, is one that appeals to me. It is essential for everyone to invest properly with protection, and it is heartening to see Bitget taking this seriously with a range of protection programs. “

Late in the month of October, Bitget made the first public announcement of its collaboration with Lionel Messi by launching a marketing campaign named “A Perfect 10.”

According to Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget, “Due to some collapses of a few crypto giants this year, consumers’ trust has fallen to a low point, and that is the reason why we are ramping up the efforts on both product and marketing to show our dedication to building the best social trading experiences for our users.” Consumers’ trust has fallen to a low point because of the following: “Due to some collapses of a few crypto giants this year, consumers’ trust has fallen to

The excitement surrounding the World Cup makes it possible for the crypto world and the sports world to become more connected, and the exchange is dedicated to reassuring investors and providing benefits to Bitget users through a variety of initiatives. The exchange’s creditable partner is the legendary footballer Lionel Messi.

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