Manchester United Accused of Plagiarizing NFT artist DesLucrece's work

Manchester United Accused of Plagiarizing NFT artist DesLucrece’s work

One of the top football clubs, Manchester United, is facing accusations of plagiarizing the work of NFT artist DesLucrece for its NFT collection “DEVIL” launched in collaboration with Tezos blockchain.

Twitter user ClownVamp pointed out that the Manchester United NFT collection and Lucréce’s “Des Monsters” NFT collection showcase similar artworks. The latter is one of the most popular and long-standing collections on Tezos.

At the time of writing, the Des Monsters NFT collection has a floor price of 17.5 ETH, approximately $20990. The Manchester United collection exhibits similar characteristics in its artwork as that of Des Monster NFT collection which was launched in 2021.

The Manchester United NFTs allegedly even copied the signature trait of ‘Des Monsters’ NFTs which is to have ‘O ring earrings’. The former also share a similar color scheme, eyes and horns, and the crown halo.

According to the terms and conditions of the Manchester United NFT collection, TRILITECH PLATFORM OÜ, the for-profit arm of the Tezos foundation, developed the NFTs. The Tezos Foundation has given them permission to produce and market the team’s digital collection.

DesLucrece later tweeted that the artist contacted Tezos co-founder Arthur Breitman and was waiting to start correspondence with Manchester United.

“It’s important to note that Arthur and I both share sentiments that art and artists on tezos is something we both want to protect. I think the resolution here should be beneficial for everyone involved,” DesLucrece tweeted keeping the situation under control.

A few hours later, DesLucrece tweeted that correspondence between him and Manchester United has started and that he had a productive call with the team. 

“Probably the last update on this for a while since everyone is still on holiday,” DesLucrece added.

The popular NFT artist even joked about “Dinner with Ronaldo isn’t off the table,” but it’s probably not going to happen since Cristiano Ronaldo already left Manchester United last month.

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