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M2 Receives Financial Services Permission from ADGM, Expands Virtual Assets Access in UAE

M2 Receives Financial Services Permission from ADGM, Expands Virtual Assets Access in UAE

In a pivotal move, the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) of the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) has granted M2, a prominent virtual assets firm, the highly sought-after financial services permission (FSP). This monumental decision, announced on August 16, marks a significant stride towards enhancing the accessibility and legitimacy of virtual assets trading within the ADGM.

M2 gains Abu Dhabi Global Market FSP license, operating multilateral trading facility and custody services for UAE residents.
M2 gains Abu Dhabi Global Market FSP license, operating multilateral trading facility and custody services for UAE residents.

M2, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, unveiled the groundbreaking news of securing regulatory approval from the FSRA. This pivotal development effectively opens doors for both institutional and retail clients in the ADGM to immerse themselves in the realm of virtual assets. With this approval, clients gain the capability to actively engage in activities encompassing the buying, selling, and secure storage of prominent virtual assets like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

M2’s Enhanced Horizon: Bridging Traditional Finance and Cryptocurrencies

The cornerstone of this accomplishment lies in M2’s Virtual Assets Trading platform, aptly named @M2Exchange, which now possesses the coveted FSP from the FSRA. This strategic move empowers M2 to operate as a dynamic multilateral trading facility, while also offering secure custody services tailored to UAE residents. Notably, this offering caters to a broad spectrum of clients, from institutional investors to individual traders.

The journey towards this milestone involved dedicated efforts over the past year to construct a platform characterized by unwavering trust, robust security protocols, and an unblemished commitment to integrity. This foundation positions M2 as a reliable and esteemed platform in the dynamic virtual asset landscape.

Stefan Kimmel, the visionary CEO of M2, emphasized the symbiotic relationship between the company’s ethos and the ADGM regulatory framework. This relationship has substantially contributed to the evolution of the virtual asset sector over the last five years, propelling the UAE’s reputation as a global leader in this revolutionary space.

ADGM’s Regulatory Evolution: A Catalyst for Business Expansion

The journey commenced in 2018, when the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) formulated a comprehensive framework to oversee and govern virtual assets, including cryptocurrencies. This regulatory initiative immediately sparked interest among major companies operating in the virtual asset domain, as it provided a structured and regulated environment for their operations. Consequently, ADGM established itself as an attractive hub for corporations aiming to venture into the cryptocurrency sector.

Salem Al Darei, the enterprising Chief Executive Officer of ADGM Authority, welcomed M2 into the ADGM’s international virtual asset community. This embrace further cements ADGM’s standing as a preeminent International Financial Centre, a driving force behind business expansion in the ever-evolving landscape of virtual assets.

M2’s Vision: Democratising Cryptocurrencies

The approval granted to M2 is set to democratize the cryptocurrency landscape in the ADGM. The company is now authorized to facilitate the purchase, sale, and storage of virtual assets for both individual investors and large-scale enterprises. With the added capability of purchasing cryptocurrencies using traditional fiat currency, the M2 platform bridges the divide between conventional financial systems and the burgeoning world of cryptocurrencies.

In conclusion, the FSRA’s decision to grant financial services permission to M2 is a watershed moment for the virtual asset industry in the ADGM. This approval significantly widens the scope of engagement in virtual assets trading, empowering diverse clients while aligning with the UAE’s commitment to becoming a global leader in this transformative space. As M2 continues its pioneering journey, it paves the way for greater integration between traditional finance and the future of digital currencies.


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