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KuCoin Unveils Exclusive Challenge for Affiliates, Offering Rewards and Perks

KuCoin Unveils Exclusive Challenge for Affiliates, Offering Rewards and Perks

KuCoin, a leading name in the cryptocurrency exchange realm, has rolled out an exciting venture tailored for its recently onboarded affiliates. The KuCoin Newly Registered Affiliates Special Challenge promises a unique opportunity for these affiliates to unlock guaranteed rewards over a span of 14 days.

Seizing the Opportunity: KuCoin’s Affiliates Challenge

KuCoin has announced a captivating initiative, inviting new affiliates to embark on a journey filled with rewards and benefits. The KuCoin Newly Registered Affiliates Special Challenge is designed to incentivize affiliates to introduce fresh users to the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange. The rewards are not only diverse but also extend over a fortnight, adding an element of excitement and engagement to the experience.

Earning Rewards: A Multifaceted Approach

Affiliates participating in the challenge stand to gain rewards through various avenues. The activities that qualify for rewards include the KYC3 verification process, deposits, and trades. With each of these actions, affiliates inch closer to unlocking a spectrum of benefits that KuCoin has prepared for them.

A Time-Bound Adventure

The allure of the KuCoin Newly Registered Affiliates Special Challenge extends beyond mere rewards. Spread across 14 days, this challenge offers participants a continuous stream of perks. Additionally, the initiative presents an exclusive opportunity for affiliates to secure special coupons that can be extended to their followers, further amplifying their engagement.

Effortless Participation: No Extra Formalities

One of the remarkable aspects of this challenge is its user-friendly nature. Newly registered affiliates don’t need to undergo an additional registration process to join. This seamless integration ensures that participants can dive into the challenge without any unnecessary barriers.

The Race for 100 USDT: A Noteworthy Achievement

The challenge comes with a significant milestone. Affiliates who successfully bring in over 50 newly registered users, each of whom completes a trading transaction on the KuCoin platform within the 14-day window, are eligible to receive 100 USDT each. This achievement not only marks a tangible reward but also serves as a testament to their prowess in attracting active users.

A Win-Win Scenario for All

Not only do the affiliates stand to benefit from this venture, but newly invited users also share in the rewards. As these users fulfill standard user identity verification requirements and initiate their first deposit and trading activities on the KuCoin exchange, they become eligible for a special coupon, creating a win-win scenario for all parties involved.

Unveiling the Leverage Experience Coupon

In addition to the primary rewards, participants have the chance to amass Leverage Experience Coupons. For every 1,000 USDT traded on the exchange, individuals can accumulate 1 USDT in the form of these coupons. This innovative addition adds an extra layer of value to the challenge, encouraging increased trading activity.

Embracing a New Frontier

With the launch of the KuCoin Newly Registered Affiliates Special Challenge, KuCoin continues to cement its commitment to user engagement and rewards. This venture not only empowers affiliates but also bolsters the platform’s growth by attracting new users. As the challenge gains momentum, it signifies the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency exchanges, one where engagement, rewards, and innovation converge to create a thriving ecosystem.


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