IOVLabs Announces $2.5 Million Grant Program and Scaling Bitcoin Hackathon

IOVLabs Announces $2.5 Million Grant Program and Scaling Bitcoin Hackathon

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IOVLabs, a prominent player in the blockchain technology sector, has recently launched a grant program worth $2.5 million aimed at fostering the advancement and adoption of Rootstock, the pioneering Bitcoin sidechain. In collaboration with HackerEarth, IOVLabs is hosting a Hackathon to identify talented individuals who qualify for the grant program. The Hackathon comprises several stages, including ideation, development, and a final pitch to a panel of esteemed judges affiliated with the Bitcoin and Rootstock networks.

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What makes this Hackathon unique is that developers from around the world, regardless of their prior programming experience, can leverage Solidity tools and frameworks to create decentralized applications (dApps) and integrations on the network. Participants in the Hackathon stand a chance to win prizes worth over $25,000, in addition to being eligible for the grant program.

The grant program, themed “Everyday DeFi,” encourages programmers to explore a wide range of ideas and initiatives. This includes enhancing technical implementations, building dApps, and creating bridges for other blockchains that are based on or utilize Bitcoin. Moreover, the program seeks user-centric utility by encouraging the development of real-world use cases, appealing DAO governance modules, and data dashboards that facilitate meaningful user engagement.

IOVLabs Introduces $2.5M Grant Program and Scaling Bitcoin Hackathon

IOVLabs‘ commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration within the blockchain ecosystem through its grant program and Hackathon demonstrates its dedication to advancing the adoption and utility of Rootstock while driving the broader development of decentralized finance.

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