Instagram & X restricts promotion of Snoop Dogg's New Era NFT Collection

Instagram & X restricts promotion of Snoop Dogg’s “New Era” NFT Collection

In a series of unfortunate developments, major social media platforms like Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter) have imposed restrictions on promotional content related to the latest NFT collection “New Era” by Snoop Dogg, also known as Cozomo de’ Medici, and Deekay. Additionally, Gmail blacklisted newsletters associated with “New Era” due to potential scam concerns. The collection has also faced bans and restrictions in Australia and from several governments.

Challenges and Responses

The restrictions have sparked discussions about the reasons behind such actions. Snoop Dogg expressed his frustration on Twitter, questioning whether the bans were influenced by Meta (formerly Facebook), Elizabeth Warren’s stance against crypto, or pressure from the Biden White House. Despite the challenges, Snoop Dogg’s resolve to continue promoting the NFT collection remains strong.

Depiction and Message of “New Era”

The “New Era” NFT collection features a GIF animation by Deekay, showcasing Snoop Dogg running with a flag bearing cryptocurrency symbols. The animation culminates in Snoop Dogg raising this flag alongside the U.S. flag atop the Federal Reserve Building. The collection aims to celebrate the growing acceptance of cryptocurrency by the U.S. government, symbolizing unity. However, this message appears to have been misconstrued by some governments and social media platforms, possibly due to their stance on digital assets.

NFT Collaboration and Response from the Community

The NFT art was created by digital artist Deekay in collaboration with prominent crypto exchange Coinbase. It was launched on the Base Chain platform, and its open-edition availability was limited to 24 hours. Despite facing initial challenges, the collection garnered immense attention and support from the community, leading to a server crash shortly after its launch. Over 54,000 “New Era” NFTs have been minted at the time of reporting.

Impact on the Crypto Community and Decentralization

These incidents raise concerns about the suppression of the crypto community’s growth by both governmental bodies and private institutions. The lack of clear regulatory frameworks for digital assets and the unwarranted targeting of digital endeavors have sparked conversations about fairness and freedom in the crypto space. The community has responded robustly, engaging with key figures in government and federal bodies to address these issues.


The restrictions imposed on the promotion of the “New Era” NFT collection reflect the broader challenges faced by the crypto community in navigating evolving regulations and perceptions. While these actions may hinder short-term growth, they also contribute to a stronger voice advocating for decentralization, innovation, and equitable treatment within the cryptocurrency landscape.


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