IBC Media Unveils Fourth Edition of Digital India Alt Hack at IIT Delhi

IBC Media Unveils Fourth Edition of Digital India Alt Hack at IIT Delhi

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IBC Media, a pioneering organization in emerging technologies, recently hosted the fourth edition of its Digital India Alt Hack at the esteemed IIT Delhi in Delhi on June 19, 2023.

IBC Media Unveils Fourth Edition of Digital India Alt Hack at IIT Delhi

An Impressive Lineup

The event witnessed an impressive lineup of esteemed VVIPs, including Prashant Mittal (Director NeGD, Digital India Corporation), Ashutosh Kumar, Arpit Srivastava (Assistant Directors, Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Government of India), Prof P K Jain (Director, IIT BHU), and Prof Sunil Jha (Director).

Polkadot as the Flagship Project Sponsor

Polkadot, a venture by Web3 Foundation and Parity Technologies, took center stage as the flagship project sponsor. Polkadot is known for enabling a fully-functional and user-friendly decentralized web. During the keynote address, Urban Osvald (DevRel) from Parity Technologies emphasized the significance of Web 3 and emerging technologies.

Engaging Panel Discussions

The event featured engaging panel discussions, focusing on the theme of “Women in Emerging Technologies.” One notable panel was titled “Creating Impact: How Women are Transforming Industries through Tech,” which explored the transformative impact of women in various industries. Influential women leaders such as Clara Tsao (COO & Founding Officer) from Filecoin, Olga Kamenskaya (CMO) from Web3 DNA, and moderator Ovia Seshadri from Coin DCX participated in these discussions, highlighting inclusivity and new frontiers led by women in emerging technologies.

Bridging Gaps and Current Trends

Another insightful panel comprised women leaders from emerging technologies, including Himani Agarwal (Country Head) from Azure, Microsoft India, Aastha Grover (Head-Startup) from Invest India, Shailna Verma (General Manager; Head – Industrial Metaverse Practice) from Tech Mahindra, and Prof Priya Vasistha (Dept of Mechanical Engineering) from IIT Delhi. This panel explored game-changing perspectives on upskilling women developers, encouraging women to embrace emerging technology, and the current trends in this space.

Digital India Alt Hack Program

The IBC Digital India Alt Hack Delhi is an 8-day program that welcomes student developers from renowned engineering colleges in Delhi. The program includes orientation, education and training, ideation, and guided building with trainers. Student developers have the opportunity to learn about blockchain, Web 3 concepts, and real-life use cases, enabling them to generate innovative ideas. On the final day, a jury panel will select three winning teams for their “Best Ideas.”


IBC Media’s fourth edition of the Digital India Alt Hack at IIT Delhi showcased the significance of emerging technologies and the role of women in shaping the industry. With influential speakers, engaging panel discussions, and a focus on upskilling student developers, the event provided a platform to foster innovation and empower the next generation of technologists in India.


1. What is the Digital India Alt Hack? The Digital India Alt Hack is an event organized by IBC Media to promote emerging technologies and provide a platform for student developers to learn, ideate, and build innovative solutions. The program includes education, training, and guided building with trainers.

2. Who were the keynote speakers at the event? The keynote speakers at the event included Prashant Mittal (Director NeGD, Digital India Corporation) and Urban Osvald (DevRel) from Parity Technologies, representing Polkadot.

3. What were the panel discussions focused on? The panel discussions focused on the theme of “Women in Emerging Technologies” and explored topics such as inclusivity, transformative impact, and current trends led by women in the industry.

4. What is the objective of the Digital India Alt Hack program? The objective of the program is to equip student developers with the necessary skills in emerging technologies, such as blockchain and Web 3 concepts. It aims to foster innovation and provide practical experience beyond the classroom.

5. How are the winners selected in the Digital India Alt Hack program? On the final day of the program, a jury panel selects three winning teams based on their “Best Ideas” generated during the ideation and building phase.

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